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Chemistry: The Central Science Plus Mastering Chemistry with eText -- Access Card Package, 13th Edition

By Theodore E. Brown, H. Eugene LeMay, Bruce E. Bursten, Catherine Murphy, Patrick Woodward, Matthew E. Stoltzfus

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 7, 2014


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The trusted, innovative, calibrated leader—now tightly—integrated with MasteringChemistry®.

Unrivaled problems, notable scientific accuracy and currency, and remarkable clarity have made Chemistry: The Central Science the leading general chemistry text for more than a decade. Trusted, innovative, and calibrated, the text increases conceptual understanding and student success in general chemistry by building on the expertise of the dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning professors.


The new Thirteenth Edition builds on the Twelfth Edition’s major revision, in which every word and piece of art was scrutinized by all the authors to increase its effectiveness. Placing a greater emphasis on research, this edition is more tightly integrated with MasteringChemistry, the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment program resulting in an unparalleled teaching and learning package that personalizes learning and coaches students toward understanding and mastery of tough chemistry topics.


This program presents a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. It provides:

  • Superior support beyond the classroom with MasteringChemistry: Students benefit from personalized, interactive learning through MasteringChemistry’s self-paced tutorials that guide them through the text’s most challenging topics; provide immediate, specific feedback; and keep students engaged and on track.
  • Enhanced learning from a dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning professors: Each member of this well-respected author team brings their expertise in a wide range of areas to the pages of this popular text. All authors have been active researchers and have taught general chemistry for many years. 
  • Improved conceptual understanding through stepped up, relevant pedagogy: Students get numerous opportunities to test their knowledge through Give It Some Thought (GIST) exercises, Go Figure questions, and A Closer Look essays, now integrated with clicker questions and in MasteringChemistry.
  • Invaluable aids that ensure problem-solving success:  By using a consistent process, a unique Analyze/Plan/Solve/Check format, dual-column problem-solving approach in certain areas, a new practice exercise following each worked example, and the Strategies in Chemistry feature, students are placed on the right path from the very start to excel at problem solving and comprehension.
  • Clarity through visualization from a variety of perspectives, including macroscopic, microscopic, and symbolic: Included are Visualizing Concepts exercises, with models, graphs, and other visual materials; sample exercises with molecular illustrations; and conceptual questions in the end-of-chapter questions.

Package consists of:   

0321910419 / 9780321910417  CHEMISTRY: THE CENTRAL SCIENCE

0321934245 / 9780321934246 MasteringChemistry with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card -- for CHEMISTRY: THE CENTRAL SCIENCE


Table of Contents

1 Introduction: Matter and Measurement

2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

3 Chemical Reactions and Reaction Stoichiometry

4 Reactions in Aqueous Solution

5 Thermochemistry

6 Electronic Structure of Atoms

7 Periodic Properties of the Elements

8 Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding

9 Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories

10 Gases

11 Liquids and Intermolecular Forces

12 Solids and Modern Materials

13 Properties of Solutions

14 Chemical Kinetics

15 Chemical Equilibrium

16 Acid—Base Equilibria

17 Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria

18 Chemistry of the Environment

19 Chemical Thermodynamics

20 Electrochemistry

21 Nuclear Chemistry

22 Chemistry of the Nonmetals

23 Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry

24 The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry



A Mathematical Operations

B Properties of Water

C Thermodynamic Quantities for Selected Substances at 298.15 K (25 °C)

D Aqueous Equilibrium Constants

E Standard Reduction Potentials at 25 °C

Answers to Selected Exercises

Answers to “Give It Some Thought”

Answers to “Go Figure”

Answers to Selected Practice Exercises


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