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Child Development and Education, 5th Edition

By Teresa M. McDevitt, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 5, 2012


Child Development and Education bridges the gap between theory and practice, showing those who teach and care for infants, children, and adolescents how to apply developmental research and theory to everyday practice. More so than any other text, Child Development and Education not only describes developmental phenomena--for infants through late adolescence--but also faciliates observations of and analyses of what children say, do, and create, ensuring that educators can make informed decisions that meet children's and adolescent's needs. 


New to the fifth edition is a sensitvity to the cultural and bioecological nature of development.  New features of the text situate children and adolescents in the contexts of their upbringing and articulate the implications of these experiences for educators and other professionals.  Illustrated is the diverse nature of development and how it is influenced by social, environmental, and cultural contexts.


Also new to this edition is support for teacher licensure preparation. Teacher candidates are alerted to developmental concepts and theorists they need to know, and are provided practice test questions and case studies to review, demonstrating for them how to prepare for their licensure exam. 

Table of Contents



Part 1: Foundations in Child Development


Chapter 1: Making a Difference in the Lives of Children and Adolescents


Chapter 2: Using Research to Understand Children and Adolescents


Chapter 3: Family, Culture, and Community



Part 2: Biological Development


Chapter 4: Biological Beginnings


Chapter 5: Physical Development



Part 3: Cognitive Development


Chapter 6: Cognitive Development: Piaget and Vygotsky


Chapter 7: Cognitive Development: Cognitive Processes


Chapter 8: Intelligence


Chapter 9: Language Development


Chapter 10: Development in the Academic Domains



Part 4: Social and Emotional Development


Chapter 11: Emotional Development


Chapter 12: Development of Self and Social Understandings


Chapter 13: Development of Motivation and Self-Regulation


Chapter 14: Moral Development


Chapter 15: Peers, Schools, and Society