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Children and Their Development, 6th Edition

By Robert V. Kail

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 18, 2011

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Research Made Relevant


Children and Their Development, 6e demonstrates how research translates into practice.


Written by a well-known and respected researcher in the field of child development, this topically organized text uses unique and effective pedagogy as its main framework. The book focuses on practice through its accessible writing, modular format, and application-based features, such as: Focus on Research, Cultural Influences, Spotlight on Theories, Improving Children’s Lives, and Child and Development and Family Policy. Topic coverage includes the prenatal period through adolescence, which best suits Child Development courses in Psychology, Education, Human Development, Child and Family Studies, and Early Childhood Education.


Teaching & Learning Experience

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  • Engage Students - A strong balance of research and applications maintains student interest.
  • Explore Research – A multitude of features draw on research methods that contribute to the scientific process.
  • Understand Culture and Diversity – Cultural Influences feature illustrates the diversity of developmental journeys.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Science of Child Development.

Chapter 2: Genetic Bases of Child Development.

Chapter 3: Prenatal Development, Birth and the Newborn.

Chapter 4: Growth and Health.

Chapter 5: Perceptual and Motor Development.

Chapter 6: Theories of Cognitive Development.

Chapter 7: Cognitive Processes and Academic Skills.

Chapter 8: Intelligence and Individual Differences in Cognition

Chapter 9: Language and Communication.

Chapter 10: Emotional Development.

Chapter 11: Understanding Self and Others.

Chapter 12: Moral Understanding and Behavior.

Chapter 13: Gender and Development.

Chapter 14: Family Relationships.

Chapter 15: Influences beyond the Family.