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China's Political System, CourseSmart eTextbook, 9th Edition

By June Teufel Dreyer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 15, 2014


A concise introduction to the political, economic, and social factors that determine China’s government


Highly respected specialist June Teufel Dreyer offers expert analysis of the challenges facing China’s economic, legal, military, social, and cultural institutions while examining the historical context and current trends.  China’s Political System asks readers to think about the broader problem of governance in China by comprehensively showing how the past and present impact leaders, citizens, ethnic minorities, and policies.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction  

Chapter 2. The Chinese Tradition  

Chapter 3. Reformers, Warlords, and Communists  

Chapter 4. The Communist Road to Power  

Chapter 5. PRC Politics under Mao: 1949–1976  

Chapter 6. PRC Politics in the Post-Mao Era: 1976–2013 

Chapter 7. The Politics of the Economy  

Chapter 8. Crime and Punishment: The Legal System of the PRC 

Chapter 9. The Role of the Military  

Chapter 10. Education  

Chapter 11. Quality-of-Life Issues: Health, Demography, and the Environment  

Chapter 12. Conformity and Dissent: The Arts, the Media, and Social Control 

Chapter 13. Ethnic Minorities and National Integration  

Chapter 14. Foreign Policy  

Chapter 15. Conclusions  

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