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Choices for College Success, 2nd Edition

By Steve Piscitelli

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 10, 2010


This is a book about personal choices--responsible choices that will help students get what they want from school and life. Throughout the text, students are asked, “What are you doing to get what you want?”

Each chapter and every activity demonstrates how responsible decision-making and follow-through put potential and ambition into action. Potential is the ability; ambition is the desire; and initiative is the doing. It demonstrates how organized action enhances academic success and helps create a healthy and balanced life.  As one reviewer stated, “The text tells the reader WHAT they need to know and HOW they need to do it.” Core changes to this edition include a pre- and post assessment, new financial management chapter, revised and enhance information literacy coverage, and test taking is expanded to two chapters (prep and performance).

Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents

Part 1: Choices for Priority Management

1.      Transitions, Balance, and Organization

2.      Organizing Time, Space, and Money

3.      Motivation and Goal Setting

4.      Critical Thinking and Learning Preferences

Part 2: Choices for Academic Success

5.      Class-Time Listening and Note-Taking Skills

6.      Out-of-Class Strategies for Notes Review and Textbook Reading

7.      Test Preparation and Memory Skills

8.      Test Performance

9.      Information Literacy

Part 3: Choices for a Balanced Life

10.  The Many Faces of Civility

11.  Treating Yourself With Respect

12.  Financial Literacy

13.  Exploration of Majors and Careers



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