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Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By W. James Popham

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 13, 2010

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Written with energy and wit, this reader-friendly text discusses practical ways in which teachers can use well-written tests to improve their effectiveness in the classroom.


Exploring a wide range of classroom assessments as well as how these assessments can benefit student learning, the thoroughly revised sixth edition of Classroom Assessment retains its humorous tone and unique practice exercises while adding new research, new material, and new features. This edition covers both contemporary classroom assessment issues, including No Child Left Behind, instructor accountability, and formative assessments, while also covering traditional assessment topics such as assessment validity and assessment reliability.

¿Three new chapters include fresh and expanded material on formative assessments, the evaluation of instruction, and properly grading assessments. In addition, a new section at the end of the book provides students with critical thinking exercises that involve real-world assessment issues and that cover central topics from each chapter. Another new feature teaches readers how to best communicate with parents about assessments and assessment results.

Table of Contents

1       Why Do Teachers Need to Know about Assessment            

2       Reliability of Assessment                    

3       Validity             

4       Absence-of-Bias           

5       Deciding What to Assess and How to Assess It        

6       Selected-Response Tests                    

7       Constructed-Response Tests  

8       Performance Assessment                    

9       Portfolio Assessment               

10     Affective Assessment              

11     Improving Teacher-Developed Assessments            

12     Instructionally Oriented Assessment             

13     Making Sense Out of Standardized Test Scores       

14     Appropriate and Inappropriate Test-Preparation Practices              

15     Evaluating Teaching and Grading Students               





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