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Clinical Medical Assisting: Foundations and Practice

By Margaret Schell Frazier, Connie Morgan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 27, 2007


Meeting the highest standards outlined by ABHES and CAAHEP, this is the definitive clinical medical assisting book today!  A unique body systems approach sets the stage for this modern and up to date clinical medical assisting book. material. Section I discusses the primary concepts and dynamics of medical assisting. The second section advances the student into the medical office, the physician office lab (POL), asepsis, and minor surgery. Pharmacology and medication administration are also addressed. The book moves on to the third section, diagnostic testing in the medical office. The fourth section covers medical specialties and testing, and the fifth deals with medical specialties. The sixth and final section covers nontraditional medicine.

Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Medical Assistant Profession and Health Care

Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 3: Patient-Centered Care

Chapter 4: Considerations of Extended Life


Section II: The Clinical Environment

Chapter 5: Clinical Environment and Safety in the Medical Office

Chapter 6: The Clinical Visit: Office Preparation and the Patient Encounter

Chapter 7: Medical Asepsis

Chapter 8: Surgical Asepsis

Chapter 9: Pharmacology and the Medication of Administrations

Chapter 10: Vital Signs


Section III: Diagnostic Testing in the Medical Office

Chapter 11: Minor Surgery

Chapter 12: Diagnostic Procedures

Chapter 13: Microscopes and Microbiology

Chapter 14: Hematology and Chemistry


Section IV: Medical Specialties and Testing

Chapter 15: Urology and Nephrology

Chapter 16: Medical Imaging

Chapter 17: Cardiac Testing and Cardiology

Chapter 18: Pulmonary Testing and Pulmonology

Chapter 19: EENT

Chapter 20: Immunology and Allergies

Chapter 22: Endocrinology


Section V: Medical Specialties

Chapter 23: Emergency Care

Chapter 24: Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Chapter 25: Orthopedics and Physical Therapy

Chapter 26: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Chapter 27: Pediatrics

Chapter 28: Neurology

Chapter 29: Mental Health

Chapter 30: Oncology


Section VI: Nontraditional Medicine

Chapter 32: Alternative Medicine 

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Clinical Medical Assisting: Foundations and Practice

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