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Clinical Psychology: A Modern Health Profession

By Wolfgang Linden, Paul L. Hewitt

Published by Psychology Press

Published Date: Mar 4, 2011

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Introduces students to Clinical Psychology by portraying the field as a health profession that uses cognition, emotion, and somatic principles to help understand, assess, and modify health showcasing the field in its reality. Unique features of the text include:

  • A fresh approach to learning, with an emphasis on problem solving
  • A presentation of clinical psychology as an integrative health care profession and not just a mental health care field
  • Inclusion of social and biological bases of behavior
  • Material pertaining to the realities of being a clinical psychologist

Table of Contents

1. The Profession  2. Career Planning 3. Psychological Tests  4. Ethics  5. Psychological Problems that Clinical Psychologists Focus On  6. Psychological Assessment  7. Psychodiagnostic Assessment 8. Intellectual Assessment  9. Behavioral Assessment  10. Psychotherapy 11. Psychoanalysis  12. Behavior Therapy  13. Therapy Outcome Research  14. Treatment Specificity  15. Developmental Stages and Child Psychopathology  16. Forensic Psychology  17. Health and the Causation of Disesase  18. Clinical Case Scenario  19. Changes in Health Care


Clinical Psychology: A Modern Health Profession

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