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Clinical Social Work Practice: An Integrated Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Marlene Cooper, Joan Granucci Lesser

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 1, 2010

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This primary text for advanced clinical practice courses at the core of the Master of Social Work curriculum teaches students how to integrate theory and practice on multiple levels. 


Building on the foundation of generalist courses, this student-friendly text addresses assessment within a theoretical framework that considers the use of DSM-IV and the mental status exam; includes a walkthrough of a clinical interview and the stages of treatment; and examines models of treatment. The chapter on developing the psychosocial study includes a model that walks the student through the process.


Richly diverse case studies, drawn from practice experience, are integrated throughout and show how theory is applied to work with individuals, families, groups, and children and adolescents. Each chapter also includes learning activities, role-plays, and assignments that will help students master the content.


Table of Contents





Chapter 1

An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice    

Theoretical Base for Clinical Social Work Practice    

The Integrative Model    

The Practice Class as Laboratory    

The Integrative Journal    

Clinical Supervision: The Learning Alliance    

Faculty Field Advisement    

Evidence-Based Practice    


Learning Assignment    



Chapter 2

Key Issues in Clinical Practice    

Brief Treatment    

Research Perspectives    

Models of Brief Treatment    

The First Meeting    

The Working Relationship    

Selection Criteria        

Ethics and Boundaries

Sexual Relationships with Clients    

Other Dual Relationships    

The Suicidal Client    

Guidelines for Assessing Suicide    

Providing Safety    

Child and Adolescent Suicide   

Managed Care    

Ethical Dilemmas under Managed Care    

Opportunities under Managed Care    

Confidentiality and Technology: HIPAA    

Fee for Service

The Client in a System of Care

Spirituality and Religion

International Social Work

Therapist Self-Care    

Summary    Learning Assignments    



Chapter 3

The Clinical Interview:The Process of Assessment    

Beginning, Middle, and End Stages of Treatment    

The First Meeting    


Why Is the Client Here?    


Answering Personal Questions    

The Therapeutic Relationship    

Transference and Countertransference    

The Real Relationship and the Working Alliance    


Using These Concepts in Practice    

The Case of Dan—The Beginning    

The Middle Stage of Treatment    

Middle Phase Treatment Issues    

The Ending Phase of Treatment    

Ending with Dan    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 4

The Psychosocial Study:The Product of Assessment    

Preparing the Psychosocial Study    

A Psychosocial Model Outline    

A Sample Psychosocial Study: The Case of Vincent, Age 7, a Traumatized Child    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 5

Multi-cultural Practice

Cultural Competence

Multicultural Clinical Practice

Cultural Trauma

Roles for Cross Cultural Therapists

Theoretical Models of Treatment

Example of Culturally Competent Practice: The Case of Pan

Example of Culturally Specific Practice:  Research across cultures

Skilled Dialogue

The Research


Learning Assignments 



Chpater 6

Object Relations Theory:A Relational Psychodynamic Model    

The Work of Melanie Klein    

The Internal Object: The Subjective Experience    

Splitting and Projective Identification    

The Internal Object and Child Abuse    

The Internal Object and Internalized Oppression    

The Work of Ronald Fairbairn    

The Internalized Bad Object: The Environmental Influence    

Introjection and Self-Blame    

Trauma Bonding    

The Work of Harry Guntrip    

The Internalized Good Object    

Object Loss and Ego Weakness    

The Work of Donald Winnicott    

The Internal Object(s) and Interpersonal Relationships    

The Transitional Object    

The Interpersonal School    

Eight Stages in Object Relations Theory and Practice

The Significance of the Therapeutic Relationship    Object Relations Theory and Brief Treatment   

Case Example: Object Relational Therapy    

Research Perspectives    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 7

Self Psychology:A Relational Psychodynamic Model    

Self Psychology as a Theoretical Framework    


The Role of the Therapist in Self Psychology    

Self Psychology and the Treatment of Children and Adolescents

Self psychology and Learning Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Self Psychology and the Elderly

Self Psychology and Brief Treatment    

Case Example: Brief Treatment of an Individual from a Self Psychological Perspective    


Learning Assignment


Chapter 8

Relational Theory


The Therapeutic Relationship

Transference and Countertransference

Techniques of Relational Therapy

Cultural Relational Theory

Mutual Empathy

Relationship Authenticity

Relationship Differentiation

Self empathy

Cultural Relational Theory and Women's Groups

Group Example: Women’s Support Group—New Connections 

Relational Theory and Diversity

Clinical Example of Cultural Relational Practice:  The Case of Carol

A Black Identity Development Model

The Case


Learning Assignments 



Chapter 9

Cognitive Theory:A Structural Approach    

History and Definition    

The Therapeutic Relationship    

Client Characteristics    

A Structured Approach    

Rational Emotive Therapy    

The ABCs of RET    

Frequent Disturbances in Thinking    

Beck’s Model of Cognitive Therapy    

Testing of Automatic Thoughts    

Techniques in Practice    

Case Example:Cognitive Treatment for Anxiety    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 10

Behavior Therapy:A Structural Approach    


Behavioral Assessment    

The Therapeutic Relationship    

Cognitive Behavior Therapy    

Case Example: A Behavioral Approach to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder    


Learning Assignments    References    


Chapter 11

Narrative Therapy:A Postmodern Approach    Constructivism as a Conceptual Framework for Narrative Therapy    

The Language of Narrative    

The Structure of Narrative: Narrative as Metaphor    

The Deconstruction of Narrative    

Externalizing Conversations    

Therapeutic Strategies    



Definitional Ceremony    

Therapeutic Documents    

Cross-Cultural Counseling    

Case Example: The G. Family    

Relational Narrative Therapy

Narrative Theatre

Research Perspectives    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 12

Solution-Focused Therapy: A Postmodern Approach    

The Editorial Reflection    

Post-Assessment Session and Self-Reflection    

Solution-Oriented Family Assessment    

Interdisciplinary Collaboration    

Solution-Focused Strategies    

Case Example: Initial Meeting with the Drew Family    

Crisis Intervention

Research Perspectives    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 13

Clinical Practice with Children and Adolescents    

Developmental Assessment    

Child Psychopathology    

The Clinical Interview    

With the Parent(s)    

With the Child or Adolescent    

Learning Disturbances    

Play Therapy    

Case Example    

Behavioral Therapy    

Case Examples    


Learning Assignments    



Chapter 14

Integrating Research and Practice    

Evidence-Based Practice

Research Methods for Clinical Practitioners    

Single-System Design Methodology    

Qualitative Research    

How Knowledge Is Constructed    The Researcher as Instrument    

Data Collection and Data Analysis    

Case Example    


Learning Assignments    



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