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College Physics: A Strategic Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field

Published by Addison-Wesley

Published Date: Mar 5, 2009

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Building on the results of an extensive NSF-funded educational research program and detailed input from an unprecedented 4,500 students and 250 instructors, Randy Knight and Addison-Wesley published Physics for Scientists and Engineers in 2003. Already the most widely adopted new physics text published in more than 30years, this book has attracted widespread critical acclaim with instructors and is preferred by 85% of their students over other available texts. In College Physics: A Strategic Approach, Randy Knight is joined by Brian Jones and Stuart Field to carefully apply the best solutions from educational research to the algebra-based introductory physics course, and the particular needs of those students.


Built from the ground up on a wealth of research into how students learn physics and how they can be taught more effectively, College Physics leads students to more proficient and long-lasting problem-solving skills, a deeper and better-connected understanding of the concepts, and a broader picture of the relevance of physics to their chosen career and the world around them. In particular, College Physics 

  • BUILDS students’ problem-solving abilities and confidence—starting with basic skills and core concepts, using explicit and systematic problem-solving strategies, and carefully progressing to more advanced and wide-ranging problems
  • INTEGRATES relevant examples and interesting topics—drawing from students’ majors and the world they live in and carefully woven into the text and worked examples to give students motivation, a means to consolidate their understanding, and a clear context for how physics is valuable to them
  • EXPLICITLY ADDRESSES students’ preconceptions, misconceptions, and common stumbling blocks—guiding students to a solid foundational knowledge of connected concepts and to confidence in applying their understanding
  • PROVIDES a highly readable and accessible text—building from familiar and concrete examples, providing a carefully structured learning path, and employing key ideas from educational research into how visual pedagogy can be used to help make physics more accessible

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Table of Contents

Part I  Force and Motion

1 Concepts of Motion and Mathematical Background        

2 Motion in One Dimension        

3 Vectors and Motion In Two Dimensions                                              

4 Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion 

5 Applying Newton’s Laws                                            

6 Circular Motion, Orbits, and Gravity    

7 Rotational Motion                    

8 Equilibrium and Elasticity                                                          

Part II Conservation Laws                               

9 Momentum                                                      

10 Energy and Work                    

11 Using Energy                                       

Part III Properties of Matter    

12 Thermal Properties of Matter

13 Fluids                                      

Part IV Oscillations and Waves

14 Oscillations                              

15 Traveling Waves and Sound                             

16 Superposition and Standing Waves      

Part V Optics  

17 Wave Optics               

18 Ray Optics                  

19 Optical Instruments      

Part VI  Electricity and Magnetism                   

20 Electric Forces and Fields                                                                    

21 Electrical Potential                   

22 Current and Resistance                        

23 Circuits

24 Magnetic Fields and Forces     

25 Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves 

26 AC Circuits     

Part VII  Modern Physics                    

27 Relativity                                 

28 Quantum Physics                                             

29 Atoms and Molecules                                                  

30 Nuclear Physics                                                           


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