College Physics, Volume 2 (Chs. 14-29)

By Eugenia Etkina, Michael Gentile, Alan Van Heuvelen

Published by Addison-Wesley

Published Date: Jul 15, 2013


College Physics is the first text to use an investigative learning approach to teach introductory physics. This approach encourages you to take an active role in learning physics, to practice  scientific skills such as observing, analyzing, and testing, and to build scientific habits of mind. The authors believe students learn physics best by doing physics.

This package consists of:

  • College Physics, Volume 2


Table of Contents

14. Electric Charge, Force, and Energy

15. The Electric Field

16. DC Circuits

17. Magnetism

18. Electromagnetic Induction

19. Vibrational Motion

20. Mechanical Waves

21. Reflection and Refraction

22. Mirrors and Lenses

23. Wave Optics

24. Electromagnetic Waves

25. Special Relativity

26. Quantum Optics

27. Atomic Physics

28. Nuclear Physics

29. Particle Physics

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    Eugenia Etkina, Michael Gentile, Alan Van Heuvelen
  • Active Learning Guide for College Physics, Vol. 2 (Chs. 14-29)
    Eugenia Etkina, Michael Gentile, Alan Van Heuvelen

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