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College Reading and Study Skills, CourseSmart eTextbook, 11th Edition

By Kathleen T. McWhorter

Published by Longman

Published Date: Oct 23, 2009

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College Reading and Study Skills presents advanced reading strategies and study skills in tandem through direct instruction and multiple opportunities for skill application.


Kathleen McWhorter wrote College Reading and Study Skills, primarily, for courses that are half reading, half study skills. Emphasizing comprehension and metacognition, College Reading and Study Skills approaches reading and study skills as essential skills necessary for college success.  The text focuses on reading and learning as a cognitive process, encouraging to approach reading as an active mental process of selecting, processing, and organizing information to be learned.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Building a Foundation for Academic Success

Success Workshops:

    1. Learn Everything You Can in the First Week

    2. Learning About and Using Campus Resources

Chapter 1: Setting Goals and Managing Your Time

Chapter 2: Learning Style and Learning Strategies

Chapter 3: Improving Learning and Memory

Chapter 4: Taking Notes in Class

Chapter 5: Classroom Communication


PART TWO: Reading and Thinking Critically

Success Workshops:

    3. Strengthen Your Concentration

    4. Stay Healthy and Manage Stress

Chapter 6: Active Reading Strategies

Chapter 7: Understanding Paragraphs

Chapter 8: Following Thought Patterns

Chapter 9: Evaluating the Author’s Message

Chapter 10: Evaluating Authors' Techniques

Chapter 11: Using Context and Word Parts

Chapter 12: Expanding Your Vocabulary

Chapter 13:Reading and Evaluating Visual and Online Sources

Chapter 14: Reading Other Academic Sources


PART THREE: Reading Textbook Chapters and Assignments

Success Workshops:

    5. Get the Most Out of Your Textbooks

    6. Keep A Vocabulary Log

Chapter 15: Textbook Highlighting and Marking

Chapter 16: Methods of Organizing Information

Chapter 17: Sample Textbook Chapter


PART FOUR: Strategies for Academic Achievement

Success Workshops:

    7. Polish Your Academic Image

    8. Establish Your Academic Integrity

Chapter 18: Study and Review Strategies

Chapter 19: Preparing for Exams

Chapter 20: Taking Exams

Chapter 21: Improving Your Reading Rate and Flexibility


PART FIVE: Thematic Readings

THEME A: Body Adornment

THEME B: Technology and the Internet

THEME C: Controversies in Science

THEME D: Men’s and Women’s Communication (available online only)


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