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Colonial America, 5th Edition

By Jerome R. Reich

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 10, 2000

Table of Contents

 1. European Backgrounds.

 2. The Native Americans.

 3. The Spanish Empire in America.

 4. The Portuguese, French, and Dutch Empires in America.

 5. The Background of English Colonization.

 6. The Tobacco Colonies: Virginia and Maryland.

 7. The New England Colonies.

 8. The Completion of Colonization.

 9. Seventeenth-Century Revolts and Eighteenth-Century Stabilization.

10. Colonial Government.

11. African-Americans in the English Colonies.

12. Immigration.

13. Colonial Agriculture.

14. Colonial Commerce.

15. Colonial Industry.

16. Money and Social Status.

17. The Colonial Town.

18. The Colonial Family.

19. Religion in Colonial America.

20. Education in Colonial America.

21. Language and Literature.

22. Colonial Arts and Sciences.

23. Everyday Life in Colonial America.

24. The Second Hundred Years' War.

25. The Road to Revolution.

26. The Revolutionary War.

27. Governments for a New Nation.



Colonial America, 5th Edition

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