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Colonial and Revolutionary America, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Alan Gallay

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 3, 2011

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This narrative Introduction to the evolution of Colonial America explores themes of globalism, migration and the interactions of culturally diffuse peoples, and the opportunities and obstacles people faced.  

Table of Contents





Chapter One                The Regions and Peoples of North America


                                    Mexico to the Arctic

                                    The Eastern Woodlands and the Mississippians



Chapter Two                Spain in America:  The Sixteenth Century


Early Exploration and Conquest

Explorers and Conquistadors in the American Southeast

and Southwest

The Importance of Florida

Spanish and Indians



Chapter Three              Early Stages of English Overseas Expansion, 1508-1622


                                    English Political Culture

                                    England on the Seas

                                    Ralegh and Roanoke

                                    Virginia:  The First Permanent English Colony in America



Chapter Four                Europeans and Indians in the Northeast, 1620-1670


                                    European Settlements in the Northeast

                                    Massachusetts Bay:  Creating a Christian Commonwealth

                                    Indian and English in New England

                                    French, Dutch, and Swedish Settlements



Chapter Five                Africans and the African Slave Trade


                                    Slavery in Historical Perspective

                                    West Africa and the Slave Trade

                                    Contours of the African Slave Trade

West Africans and their Cultures in Diaspora



Chapter Six                  Bound Labor in Early America


                        European Bound Labor

                                    Bound Labor in the Chesapeake Colonies

                                    Africans and English

                                    Slavery and the Law:  Creating a Racialized Society





Chapter Seven              The Evolution of New England, 1670-1730


                                    Transforming the Environment

                                    New England Society



Chapter Eight               Indians, Africans, and English in New England, 1670-1730


                        Cultural Transformation:  Conversion and Adaptation

                        Debasing Others:  Indian and African Slavery in New England

                                    Indian-Puritan Warfare



Chapter Nine                The Middle Colonies and the Wars for Empire, 1670-1730


                                    From New Netherland to New York

                                    William Penn and the Society of Friends

                                    France and England:  Imperial Conflicts in an American Context



Chapter Ten                 On the Periphery of Empires: 

The Southeast and the Southwest, 1670-1730


                                    The Southeast:  The English in Carolina

                                    France in the Mississippi Valley

                                    The Spanish Southwest






Chapter Eleven Problems and Solutions in an Era of Growth, 1730-1770


Population Growth and Prosperity 

                                    Georgia:  Social Experimentation and Failure

                                    Growth and Societal Problems in the Carolinas

                                    Fixing Societal Problems:  Awakening and Enlightenment



Chapter Twelve            Colonists, Indians, and the Contests for Empire, 1730-1763


Imperial Wars and Native America, 1730-1755

                        The Seven Years’ War: 

From Colonial to Global to Colonial Conflict



Chapter Thirteen           Politics and Politicization in Early America, 1761-1774


Colonial Government and Politics

                        The Stamp Act and Politicization of American Colonials

                        Britain’s Last Attempt to Tax Americans



Chapter Fourteen         From Colonists to Revolutionaries, 1775-1776


                                    The First Continental Congress

                                    Towards Independence



Chapter Fifteen A Revolution and a Civil War, 1776-1783


                        Parrying the British Offensive

                        A War of Attrition

                        War’s Legacies



Chapter 1

John Mandeville, Marco Polo, Artistic depiction of Cahokia

Chapter 2

An eyewitness account of the de Soto expedition

Pedro Menendez De Aviles explains to King Philip II why he put the French in Florida to death

Chapter 3

Richard Hakluyt on the usefulness of colonies to solve employment problems in England


Lady Mary Wyatt writes her sister from Jamestown, Virginia


Chapter  4

            John Winthrop’s concern for Puritan settlement of New England

Anne Hutchinson’s Trial for Heresy

A Puritan view of the Pequot War

Chapter 5

Journal of the Slave Ship St. Jan begun on the 4th of March of the year 1659

 Customs at Whydah (1767)

The Voyage of the Little George, 1730

Chapter 6

Virginia laws of servitude and slavery (1643-1691)

A British act of parliament forcing the shipment of criminals to the colonies

Chapter 7

Cotton Mather on one of the condemned witches in Salem

A New England colonist’s view of Indian rights to the land

Chapter 8

            The Background for King Philip’s War

Mary Rowlandson’s captivity among the Narragansett

Chapter 9

            William Penn on religions toleration

The aftermath of Jacob Leisler’s death

Chapter 10

The Pueblo Revolt of 1696

Andre Pénicaut’s adventures in Louisiana

Chapter 11

George Whitefield on slavery

An anonymous supporter of the ban on slavery in Georgia

Chapter 12

The Marquis de Duquesne on the prospects for war between France and Britain

The meeting of the governors of the southern colonies with the Southern Indians in 1763

Chapter 13

John Peter Zenger’s Trial for Libel

A New Yorker fears the leveling unleashed by opposition to the Stamp Act

Chapter 14

A British view of American colonists’ assertions of rights

Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation

Thomas Paine appeals to Americans to overthrow the shackles of monarchy

Chapter 15

Abigail and John Adams on women in the new nation

A Continental Army soldier explains why the soldiers mutinied


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