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Coming China Wars, The: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won, Revised and Expanded Edition

By Peter Navarro

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Apr 10, 2008

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For years, China has served as the "factory floor" for global production, driving down prices for consumers worldwide. But, unfortunately, China's rapid and chaotic industrialization has put it on a collision course with the rest of the world. The Coming China Wars was the first book to systematically cover all those conflicts: political, economic, and environmental. Now, in this new edition, Dr. Peter Navarro has thoroughly updated the entire book. You'll find new chapters on the danger posed by China's flood of defective products and contaminated food; China's dramatic military expansion and the rising threat of a "hot war"; China's space program and its profound strategic implications; China's growing suppression of human rights and free speech; and much more. The coming China Wars will be fought over everything from decent jobs, livable wages, and advanced technologies to strategic resources...and eventually to our most basic of all needs: bread, water, and air. Unless all nations immediately address these impending conflicts, the results may be catastrophic. Like the First Edition, this book demands that we think much more deeply about how to stop the coming China Wars, laying out hard choices that must be made sooner rather than later. This new edition offers even more policy recommendations, including original contributions from several of the world's most important China experts.

Table of Contents

Author’s Comment on the Updated and Expanded Edition xi

Introduction to China’s “Butterfly Effect on Steroids” xv


Chapter 1: The Cheating "China Price” and Weapons of Mass Production 1

Chapter 2: China’s Counterfeit Economy and Not-So-Swashbuckling Pirates 15

Chapter 3: “Made in China”–The Ultimate Warning Label 27

Chapter 4: The “Blood and Nukes for Oil” Wars–The Sum of All Chinese Fears 43

Chapter 5: The World’s Most Ironic Imperialist and Weapons of Mass Construction 59

Chapter 6: The Global Warming Wars–Killing Us (and Them) Softly with Their Coal 77

Chapter 7: The Damnable Dam and Water Wars–Nary a (Clean) Drop to Drink 93

Chapter 8: China’s Chaotic “Wars from Within”–The Dragon Comes Apart at the Seams 111

Chapter 9: Inside the World’s Biggest Prison with Yahoo! the Stool Pigeon and Comrade Orwell 127

Chapter 10: Red Army Rising–The Coming China Hot Wars 149

Chapter 11: Racing for the Ultimate Strategic High Ground–The Coming China Star Wars 165

Chapter 12: How to Fight and Win the Coming China Wars! 183


About the Author 207

Acknowledgments 209

Index 211


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