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Community Organizing and Development, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Herbert J. Rubin, Irene S. Rubin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 5, 2007


This revised edition of a well-known and widely used text in community organizing and development fully examines the broad and changing political and social settings that influence actions; while portraying the infra-structure of social change -- the knowledge, personnel, and organizations -- that enable such work to be successfully accomplished.  


The text brings together the practicalities of  organizing and development -- fund raising, working out news releases, running an organization, orchestrating political actions, academic knowledge -- and explains why various approaches work; as well as the values and ideologies that guide what is to be done.  It provides the foundations of organizing and development work and then describes how activists -- through following either a social confrontation model or an economic and social production approach -- can respond to economic and social problems. 




Table of Contents





Part  One:  Progressive Organizing  

Chapter 1:  Organizing and Development for Progressive Social Change  

Chapter 2:  A World of Action: A World of Hope  

Chapter 3:  Models for Implementing Progressive Social Change: Commonalities, Differences and Reconciliations 


Part Two:  The Three Pillars of Progressive Organizing  

Chapter 4:  Empowering Individuals  

Chapter 5:  Building Community to Create Capacity for Change  

Chapter 6:  Empowering Through Building Progressive Organizations  


Part Three:  Problems, Programs and Precedents  

Chapter 7:  Social Problems and Public Policy  

Chapter 8:  Intersecting Histories: Community Organizing,  Issue Mobilization, and Social Movements

Chapter 9:  Learning About Personal, Community, and Social Needs Through Action Research  


Part Four:  Building Capacity to Initiate Collective Action  

Chapter 10:  Activists, Organizers, and Social Change Professionals  

Chapter 11:  Creating Capacity Through Effective Organizational Administration  

Chapter 12:  Expanding Capacity Through Empowering, Participatory Meetings  

Chapter 13:  Building Capacity By Working with the Support Sector  


Part Five:  Compelling Change Through Social Mobilization  

Chapter 14:  An Overview to Social Mobilization Campaigns  

Chapter 15:  Mobilizing Individuals and Groups  

Chapter 16:  Influencing the Public Sector:Civic and Administrative Engagement  

Chapter 17:  Compelling Change Through Power Tactics  

Chapter 18:  Tools for Strengthening Social Mobilization Campaigns: Lawyers and Litigation Publicity and the Mass Media; Negotiations

Chapter 19:  Social Action: Magnifying Power Through Coalitions.  


Part Six:  Implementing Change Through the Community Economic Development and Social Production Approach 

Chapter 20:  An  Introduction to the Community Economic Development and Social Production Model 

Chapter 21:  Skills for Accomplishing Economic and Social Production Work  


Part  Seven:  Epilogue: Working Toward a Progressive Society  

Chapter 22:  Epilogue: Working Toward a Progressive Society  





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