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Community Policing and Problem Solving: Strategies and Practices, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By Ken Peak, Ronald W. Glensor

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 7, 2011

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For courses in Community Policing and Police-Community Relations. 


This book is about policing at its most important and challenging levels–in neighborhoods and communities across the nation and abroad. Unique in perspective, its focus is on community policing and problem solving–and the processes that are being implemented under COPPS to control and prevent crime, disorder and fear. Extremely applied, this text focuses on daily processes and tactics and how and why agencies are revolutionizing their traditional philosophy and operations. This sixth edition provides the latest on policing in an information age, how the economy is impacting policing practices and new information concerning COPPs initiatives across the United States.

Table of Contents

1.   The Evolution of Policing: Past Wisdom and Future Directions

2.   COPPS: Partnerships in a Changing Society

3.   COPPS: Problem Oriented Policing

4.   Crime Prevention: Creating Safe Communities

5.   Information Technology: Tools for the Task

6.   From Recruit to Chief: Changing the Agency Culture

7.   Planning and Implementation: Translating Ideas into Action 

8.   Evaluation of COPPS Initiatives 

9.   Training for COPPS: Approaches and Challenges   

10.  Police in a Diverse Society

11.  COPPS on the Beat: Drugs, Gangs, and Youth Crimes   

12.  More COPPS on the Beat: Selected Issues and Problems

13.  COPPS: Selected American Approaches 

14.  COPPS Abroad: Foreign Venues

15.  The Future: Bright or Bleak?


Appendix A:  Award-Winning Problem-Solving Case Studies

Appendix B:  Community Survey in Fort Collins, Colorado

Appendix C:  Strategic Plan Survey in Portland, Oregon

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Community Policing and Problem Solving: Strategies and Practices, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition
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