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Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 11th Edition

By G. Bingham Powell, Russell J. Dalton, Kaare Strom

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 25, 2014


Sets the standard for introducing the field of comparative politics


This text begins by laying out a proven analytical framework that is accessible for students new to the field. The framework is then consistently implemented in twelve authoritative country cases, not only to introduce students to what politics and governments are like around the world but to also understand the importance of their similarities and differences. Written by leading comparativists and area study specialists, Comparative Politics Today helps to sort through the world’s complexity and to recognize patterns that lead to genuine political insight.

MyPoliSciLab is an integral part of the Powell/Dalton/Strom program. Explorer is a hands-on way to develop quantitative literacy and to move students beyond punditry and opinion. Video Series features Pearson authors and top scholars discussing the big ideas in each chapter and applying them to enduring political issues.  Simulations are a game-like opportunity to play the role of a political actor and apply course concepts to make realistic political decisions.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Issues in Comparative Politics

Chapter 2. Comparing Political Systems


Chapter 3. Political Culture and Political Socialization

Chapter 4. Interest Articulation

Chapter 5. Interest Aggregation and Political Parties
Chapter 6. Government and Policymaking

Chapter 7. Public Policy


Chapter 8. Politics in Britain by Richard Rose

Chapter 9. Politics in France by Martin A. Schain

Chapter 10. Politics in Germany by Russell J. Dalton

Chapter 11. Politics in Japan by Frances Rosenbluth and Michael F. Thies

Chapter 12. Politics in Russia by Thomas F. Remington

Chapter 13. Politics in China by Melanie Manion

Chapter 14. Politics in Mexico by Wayne A. Cornelius and Jeffrey A. Weldon

Chapter 15. Politics in Brazil by Frances Hagopian

Chapter 16. Politics in Iran by H.E. Chehabi and Arang Keshavarzian

Chapter 17. Politics in India by Subrata K. Mitra

Chapter 18. Politics in Nigeria by Robert J. Mundt, Oladimeji Aborisade, and A. Carl LeVan

Chapter 19. Politics in the United States by Austin Ranney and Thad Kousser