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Comprehensive Nursing Care, Coursesmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Roberta Pavy Ramont, Dee Niedringhaus

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 9, 2009

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The second edition of Comprehensive Nursing Care  is an all in one learning resource which addresses the LPN/LVN scope of practice and roles while maintaining a collaborative relationships with the registered nurse. It contains all the essential information needed for six core areas of the LPN/LVN curriculum (Fundamentals; Medical-Surgical/Adult Health; Maternal-Newborn; Pediatrics; Mental Health; and Leadership).  Each unit presents critical thinking and problem solving situations and "Real life” client scenarios and allow students to demonstrate knowledge and capabilities and to develop higher-level skills in preparation for practice. Professionalism, an important focus of nursing education, has been included in Unit XI and throughout the book.   Comprehensive Nursing Care, Second Edition is in alignment with the NCLEX-PN® Test Plan and is intended to demonstrate in each chapter how the information relates to the broad categories of the Test Plan.

Table of Contents



Part I Foundations of Nursing Care

Unit I  The Nature of NURSING


1. Succeeding as a Nursing Student

2. History of Nursing

3 Promoting Culturally Proficient Care

4 Legal and Ethical Issues of Nursing

5 Critical Thinking and Nursing Theories/Models

6.The LPN/LVN and the Nursing Process

Unit II            Introduction to Clinical Practice

7 Health Care Delivery Systems

8 Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Health Care

9 Safety

10 Infection Control

11 Client Communication

12 Client Teaching

13 Documentation

14 Admission, Transfer, and Discharge


Unit Iii Promoting psychosocial health



15 Theorists, Theories, and Therapies

16 Life Span Development and Family Systems

17 Psychosocial Nursing of the Physically Ill Client

18 Loss, Grief, and Death


Unit Iv Promoting physiological health


19 Health Assessment/Head-to-Toe Data Collection

20 Hygiene

21 Vital Signs

22 Pain, the Fifth Vital Sign

23 Activity, Rest, and Sleep

24 Wound Care and Skin Integrity

25 Nutrition


26 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance

27 Medication Administration


28. IV Therapy


Part II. Health Care Across the Life Span  

Unit V. Medical Surgical Nursing Care  

29 Care of Clients having Surgery

30 Clients with Integumentary Disorders

31 Clients with Musculoskeletal Disorders

32 Clients with Respiratory Disorders

33 Clients with Cardiovascular Disorders

34 Clients with Hematopoietic or Lymphatic Disorders

35 Clients with Immune Disorders

36 Clients with Neurosensory System Disorders

37 Clients with Gastrointestinal System Disorders

38 Clients with Endocrine System Disorders

39 Clients with Urinary System Disorders

40  Clients with Reproductive System Disorders

41 Clients with Sexually Transmitted Infections


Unit Vi Gerontology


42 Health Promotion for Older Adults

43 Nursing Care of Older Adult Clients


Unit VII Specialized Nursing Care

44 Caring for Chronically or Terminally Ill Clients

45 Caring for Clients with Cancer

46 Nursing in Long-Term Care

47 Emergency Room and Urgent Care Nursing

48 Community Health Nursing


Part iiI mental health nursing


Unit VIII Mental health nursing care


49 Mental Health Disorders

50 Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders


Part Iv women’s health and maternal-newborn nursing


Unit IX Women’s Health Care and maternal-newborn nursing


51 Care of Women During Normal Pregnancy

52 Care of Women During High-Risk Pregnancy

53 Care of Women During Labor and Birth

54 Care of the Normal Postpartum Woman

55 Care of the High-Risk Postpartum Woman

56 Care of the Normal Neonate

57 Care of the High-Risk Neonate


Part v pediatric and adolescent nursing


unit X Pediatric and adolescent Nursing Care


58 Pediatric-Focused Nursing Care

59 Care and Illnesses of Infants and Toddlers (1 Month to 36 Months)

60 Care and Illnesses of Preschool Children (3 to 5 Years)

61 Care and Illnesses of School-Age Children (6-12 Years)

62 Care and Illnesses of Adolescents (13 to 18 Years)


Part VI Transition from Student to Professional Nurse


Unit XI transition from student to nurse


63 Leadership and Professional Development

64 Preparing to take the Licensure Exam

65 Finding That First Job



I.  Answers


III. Growth Charts and Immunization Schedules

IV. Common Lab Values

V. others (terminology, Precautions, Abbreviations?)

References and Resources




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