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Computerized Practice Set for Comprehensive Assurance & Systems Tool (CAST), 3rd Edition

By Laura R. Ingraham, J. Greg Jenkins

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 15, 2013


Comprehensive Assurance and Systems Tool (CAST) provides an integrated learning opportunity that encompasses financial statement assurance and accounting information systems.  CAST uniquely exposes students to these issues at The Winery at Chateau Americana, a hypothetical company that is based on an actual domestic winery.  Unlike traditional projects and assignments that may offer little or no context, students develop a rich knowledge and understanding of Chateau Americana and its industry as they provide assurance on the company’s financial statements and address a variety of challenging accounting information systems issues.


The third edition has been updated in response to the changes that have occurred in the accounting environment, in technology, and in response to the many helpful comments and suggestions we have received from adopters and students alike.


In the Computerized AIS Module, the authors have provided more advanced Macro instruction and additional PivotTable practice.

Table of Contents

Computerized Module

2. Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft® Excel 2010

      2.1    Protecting the Data

      2.2    Formula Auditing

      2.3    Data Integrity

      2.4    Simple Data Analysis

      2.5    What-If Analysis

      2.6    Information Needs

      2.7    Macros

      2.8    More Advanced Macros

      2.9    Database Functions

      2.10  Introduction to PivotTable Reports

      2.11  Detail in Reporting

      2.12  Flexible Budgeting Using PivotTables

      2.13  Creating Charts From PivotTables

      2.15  Wrap-Up


3.  General Ledger Applications Using Peachtree Complete

     Accounting 2011®

      3.1    Setting Up a New Company

      3.2    Setting Up the General Ledger

      3.3    Setting Up Beginning Account Balances

      3.4    Setting Up User Security

      3.5    Setting Up Accounts Receivable

      3.6    Setting Up Accounts Payable

      3.7    Setting Up Inventory

      3.8    Setting Up Payroll

      3.9    Setting Up Payroll Formulas

      3.10  Entering Transactions

      3.11  Transaction Set A

      3.12  Month-End Procedures

      3.13  Year-End Procedures

      3.11  Transaction Set B

      3.11  Transaction Set C


4.  Database Applications Using Microsoft® Access 2010

      4.1    Creating a New Database and New Table

      4.2    Creating a Form

      4.3    Ensuring Sequential Integrity

      4.4    Creating Relations

      4.5    Integrating Forms within Forms

      4.6    Creating a Query

      4.7    Creating a Report

      4.8    Summary

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    Laura R. Ingraham, J. Greg Jenkins

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