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Conexiones: Comunicacion y cultura, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Eduardo J. Zayas-Bazan, Susan Bacon, Dulce M. García

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Mar 5, 2013

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Conexiones: Comunicación y cultura, 5th Edition represents a fresh start for a program that has successfully taught thousands of students. Though the new 5th edition still retains what has always made Conexiones great, the new edition was rebuilt from the ground up thanks to feedback from instructors and students across the country. Through relevant and appealing topics, a true intermediate grammar sequence, and a focus on the dynamic cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, students will reach higher levels of proficiency and discover a whole new world with Conexiones: Comunicación y cultura, 5th Edition. 


Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Improve Communication Skills While Engaging Students: Conexiones connects to the real world students live in and are exposed to in the media, as well as to the disciplines of study across campus. Until now, the disconnect between basic language study and advanced study has been abrupt and difficult to bridge for both the students and the instructors teaching the advanced courses. We’ve made it easier!
  • Achieve Consistent Learning Outcomes: Conexiones brings students to a true intermediate-level of proficiency through its carefully chosen scope and sequence and gives steudents the necessary foundation to succeed in higher-level classes.
  • Connect With Culture:  WithConexiones, language and culture are inseparable; part of the same mosaic, each informing the other. Rich in cultural input throughout chapters, Conexiones also integrates music, art, and literature to expand upon chapter topics in the Comunicación y cultura sections. A brand-new video program captures the richness of the cultures of Spanish-speaking world. 
  • Save Time Administering Your Course:  MySpanishLab® offers the most powerful instructor tools available to help instructors efficiently manage their courses and stay connected with their students.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents


Preliminar - ¡Conectémonos!


1 - De moda


2 - Por un mundo más verde


3 - Por un mundo mejor


4 - Somos lo que somos


5 - ¡Luz, cámara, acción!


6 - Todos somos uno


7 - Cuerpo sano, mente sana


8 - Buscándonos la vida


9 - ¡A pasarlo bien!


10 - Mañana es hoy

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