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Contemporary American President, The CourseSmart eTextbook

By Robert D DiClerico

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 7, 2012

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This core text for junior/senior-level courses in the Presidency and Presidency and Congress explores the potential and limitations of presidential influence in times of rising public expectation for the office and the declining ability of presidents to meet it. It focuses on six major areas concerning the presidency— selection, power, accountability, decision making, personality, and leadership —and offers an appreciation of the challenges of the office as the institution attempts to function in an increasingly controversial political environment.

Table of Contents

1. The Selection Process

2. The President and Foreign Affairs

3. The President and Congress

4. President, Public, and Press

5. The President and the Bureaucracy

6. Decision Making in the White House

7. Five Cases in Presidential Decision Making

8. The President and Emergency Powers

9. Personality and the Presidency

10. Presidential Leadership

11. The Vice Presidency



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Contemporary American President, The CourseSmart eTextbook
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