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Contemporary Issues in Art Education

By Yvonne Gaudelius, Peg Speirs

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 13, 2001

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with Questions and Explorations and concludes with Conclusions and Further Questions and Resources and Suggestions for Further Reading.)


 1. Ideas and Teaching: Making Meaning from Contemporary Art, Graeme Sullivan.

 2. Narratives Empowering Teachers and Students: Educational, and Cultural Practice, Joyce Barakett and Elizabeth J. Saccá.

 3. In the Trenches, Ed Check.

 4. Cultural Content, Identity, and Program Development: Approaches to Art for Education for Elementary Educators, Andra Lucia Nyman.

 5. Making the Familiar Strange: A Community-Based Art Education Framework, Flávia Maria Cunha Bastos.

 6. There's More to It than Just Looking: The Art Museum as an Integrated Learning Environment, Debra Attenborough.

 7. Children Never Were What They Were: Perspectives on Childhood, Paul Duncum.

 8. Mapping Identity for Curriculum Work, Kristin Congdon, Marilyn Stewart, and John Howell White.

 9. Children Performing the Art of Identity, Charles R. Garoian.

10. Transformation, Invocation, and Magic in Contemporary Art, Education, and Criticism: Reinvesting Art with a Sense of the Sacred, Debra Koppman.


11. Context, Subtext, Schooltext: Building Art-Centered Curricula, Sara Wilson McKay and Susana Monteverde.

12. Tools for Exploring Social Issues and Visual Culture, Carol S. Jeffers.

13. Thematic Curriculum and Social Reconstruction, Eleanor Weisman and Jay Michael Hanes.

14. Teaching Art in the Contexts of Everyday Life, Don H. Krug.

15. If an Artwork Could Speak, What Would It Say? Focusing on Issues for Elementary Art Educators, Shirley Hayes Yokley.

16. Art for Issues' Sake: A Framework for the Selection of Art Content for the Elementary Classroom, Mary Wyrick.

17. Issues of the Body in Contemporary Art, Dan Nadaner.

18. Concerning the Religious in Art Education, Paul S. Briggs.

19. Teaching Art with Historical Places and Civic Memorials, Joanne K. Guilfoil.

20. Computer Animation at an Apache Middle School: Apache Children's Use of Computer Animation Technology, Mary Stokrocki with Marcia Buckpitt.


21. Exploring Culture and Identity through Artifacts: Three Art Lessons Derived from Contemporary Art Practice, Julia Marshall.

22. Interpreting Art: Building Communal and Individual Understandings, Terry Barrett.

23. The Dynamic Project, Contemporary Issues, and Integrative Learning, Doris M. Guay.

24. Elementary Instruction through Postmodern Art, Melody K. Milbrandt.

25. Open Spaces, Open Minds: Art in Partnership with the Earth, Karen T. Keifer-Boyd.

26. Investigate and Re-Envision Teaching Strategies: Linking Individuals, Communities, and Organizations Through the Visual Arts, Elizabeth B. Reese.

27. Interdisciplinarity and Community as Tools for Art Education and Social Change, Mary Adams.

28. (Re)Shaping Visual Inquiry of Three-Dimensional Art Objects in the Elementary School: A Content-Based Approach, B. Stephen Carpenter, II and Billie Sessions.

29. Three: Reading Lorna Simpson's Art in Contexts, Mary Ann Stankiewicz.

Conclusions and Other Thoughts: Yes, the Witch Can Be Purple.

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Contemporary Issues in Art Education

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