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Contemporary Urban Planning, 10th Edition

By John M. Levy

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Feb 23, 2012

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Updated in its 10th edition, Contemporary Urban Planning provides readers with in-depth coverage of the historic, economic, political, legal, and environmental factors affecting urban planning as well as specific chapters on the various fields of planning.

With updated coverage of the Obama administration's response to the present economic downturn, the text addresses the most pressing issues in urban development today - including the subprime mortgage crisis and home foreclosures, federal funding for public transportation, and new standards for "green" buildings. The book also includes new material on the rapidly growing field of planning for natural catastrophes.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Background and Development of Contemporary Planning 1. An Overview 2. The Urbanization of America 3. The History of Planning: Part I 4. The History of Planning: Part II Part 2 The Structure and Practice of Contemporary Planning 5. The Legal Basis of Planning 6. Planning and Politics 7. The Social Issues 8 The Comprehensive Plan 9. The Tools of Land-Use Planning Part 3 Fields Of Planning 10. Urban Design 11. Urban Renewal and Community Development 12. Transportation Planning 13 Economic Development Planning 14. Growth Management, Smart Growth, and Sustainable Development 15. Environmental and Energy Planning 16. Planning for Metropolitan Regions Part 4 Larger Questions 17. National Planning in the United States 18. Planning in Other Nations 19. Planning Theory


Contemporary Urban Planning, 10th Edition

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