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Content Area Literacy: Learners in Context, 2nd Edition

By Mark W. Conley

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 11, 2011


Content Area Literacy by Mark Conley, one of today’s top literacy researchers, brings educators a wealth of hands-on, ready-to-use ideas, strategies and techniques for helping today’s diverse secondary school students develop the literacy skills they need to be successful in all content areas. The first section of the book helps teachers confront the need to fully understand today’s educational landscape, while the second section focuses on the specifics of how to go about planning and teaching, using principles of content area literacy. A unique final chapter pulls it all together by showing educators how to enlist students’ cooperation while reaching out to parents and the community to support teaching and learning.

Table of Contents





SECTION 1 Content Area Literacy: Promoting Learning for Today’s Challenges

Chapter 1 Content Area Literacy: Helping All Adolescents Learn in New Times

Chapter 2 Adolescent Literacy, Diversity, and Teaching Today’s Learners

Chapter 3 How to Pursue High Expectations for Teaching and Learning in an Era of Standards and Accountability

Chapter 4 Alternative Ways to Plan and Teach Lessons


SECTION 2 Content Area Literacy: Teaching Today’s Learners

Chapter 5 Understanding and Using Texts

Chapter 6 Ongoing Assessment

Chapter 7 Activating Prior Knowledge and Increasing Motivation Before Reading

Chapter 8 Building Vocabulary Knowledge and Strategies

Chapter 9 Guiding Students during Reading

Chapter 10 Guiding Students’ Critical Literacy

Chapter 11 Developing Content Area Writers

Chapter 12 Building Literacy and Community from Inside and Outside the Classroom





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    William G. Brozo, Kathleen Puckett

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  • Mathematical Literacy in the Middle and High School Grades: A Modern Approach to Sparking Student Interest
    Faith Wallace, Mary Anna Evans, Megan Stein

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