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Correctional Counseling and Treatment, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Albert R. Roberts

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 11, 2008

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For courses in Correctional Counseling and Treatment.


Offering perspectives from twenty-one leading experts in the field, this book shows how to apply evidence-based counseling and treatment approaches to offender rehabilitation. Each chapter includes summaries of the latest government reports, treatment guidelines, evidence-based counseling practices, research findings, trends and statistics, program evaluations, journal review articles, and meta-analyses. Discussion is on revitalizing the corrections profession, with an emphasis on rehabilitation policies and programs based on scientific evidence and treatment technology transfer. Complete and up-to-date, the text’s goal is to formalize ideas, raise issues, and document best practices from which effective programs can be replicated.

Table of Contents


1.      Introduction and Overview of Correctional Counseling and Treatment

By Albert r. Roberts, Ph.D and Pia Biswas, B.A.


2.      Assessing the Role of Clinical and Actuarial Risk Assessment in an Evidence-Based Community Corrections System: Issues to Consider

By James M. Byrne, Ph.D. and april Pattavina, Ph.D.



3.      Assessment, Classification, and Treatment with Juvenile Delinquents

By Jemel P. Aguilar, Ph.D. and David W. Springer, Ph.D.


4.      Overcoming Sisyphus: Assessment of Mental Health Disorders and Risk of Re-Offending among Juvenile Offenders

By Albert R. Roberts, Ph.D. and Kimberly Bender, M.S.W.


5.      Effective Family Interventions for Youthful Offenders: Some Important Considerations

By Craig Dowden, Ph.D. and D.A. Andrews, Ph.D.


6.      Juvenile Offender Suicide: Prevalence, Risk Factors, Assessment, and Crisis Intervention Protocols

By Albert R. Roberts, Ph.D. and Kimberly Bender, M.S.W.


7.      Finding Evidence-Based Juvenile Offender Treatment Programs: A National Survey

By Albert R. Roberts, Ph.D. and Kimberly Bender, M.S.W.



8.      Treating the Mentally Ill Offender: An Overview

By Kathi R. Trawver, M.S.W.


9.      Prison Group Counseling

By Sabrina R. Haugebrook, M.P.A. and Kristen M. Zgoba, Ph.D.


10.  California’s Correctional Drug Treatment System

By William M. Burdon, Ph.D. Michael L. Prendergast, Ph.D. & Harry K. Wexler, Ph.D.


11.  Sexual Offenders: Assessment and Treatment

By Shahid M. Shahidullah, Ph.D. and Diane L. Green, Ph.D.


12.  Behavioral Management Tools of the Trade

By Faye Taxman, Ph.D. and James M. Byrne, Ph.D.


13.  Inmate Suicide: Prevalence, Assessment, and Protocols

By Stephen J. Tripodi, MSSW, Kimberly Bender, MSW, & Albert R. Roberts, Ph.D.


14.  Executive Functioning in the Brain: Assessment and Treatment of At-Risk Offenders

By Mark H. Stone, Ph.D.


15.  Correctional Social Work

By Harris Chaiklin, Ph.D.

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