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Counseling and Spirituality: Integrating Spiritual and Clinical Orientations

By Joshua M. Gold

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2009


Innovative and reflective, the first edition of Counseling and Spirituality strives to integrate the spiritual and clinical perspectives of counselors in order to successfully support clients’ religious or spiritual journeys through utilizing appropriate knowledge and interventions. With cultural concerns such as religion and spirituality quickly becoming of growing importance and interest in the helping professions, this book serves to define varieties of spiritual beliefs, assess spiritual wellness, and apply theory- and practice-based approaches to individualized spiritual counseling situations.


Throughout the 15 chapters of the text, author Joshua Gold helps current and future counselors alike to contemplate how they see religion and spirituality in their own lives and to appraise how their own spirituality sways who they are as clinicians and what they do in the provision of mental health services for their clients.

Table of Contents


Preface             Introduction and Perspective    

Chapter 1         Religion & Spirituality& Counseling & Psychology

Chapter 2         The Personal & Professional:

Chapter 3         Varieties of Spiritual Beliefs:

Chapter 4         Developmental Models of Spirituality & of Psycho-Social Functioning:         

Chapter 5         Spirituality & Personal and Social Well-being:

Chapter 6         Assessment of Spiritual Functioning

Chapter 7         Guilt & Mental Health:

Chapter 8         Evil & Counseling:

Chapter 9         Balancing concepts of the “divine” and the “penitent”

Chapter 10       Spirituality & Ethics

Chapter 11       Theory-based Approaches to Counseling & Spirituality

Chapter 12       Spirituality & Marginalized Groups

Chapter 13       Spiritual Strategies for Individual Counseling:

Chapter 14       Spiritual Strategies for Couple & Family Counseling     

Chapter 15       Opportunities for Future Professional and  Personal Development


Counseling and Spirituality: Integrating Spiritual and Clinical Orientations

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