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Counseling-Infused Audiologic Care, CourseSmart eTextbook

By John Greer Clark, Kristina M. English

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 3, 2013


Written for graduate-level counseling in audiology or audiologic management courses.


Founded on evidence-based practice and replete with instructive vignettes this book provides a hands-on, practical guide to a patient-centered approach to audiologic treatment.


Premised on the long-held belief that patient success in all areas of healthcare is greatest when the practitioner’s interpersonal skills are fully developed, this practical new guide to audiologic rehabilitation presents counseling principles that lead to an enhanced appreciation for and understanding of the audiologist’s fundamental role in helping patients.  The text focuses on emphasizing the humanistic side of audiology through a personal adjustment counseling approach, along with clear descriptions, and frequent demonstration through vignettes of day-to-day application of counseling and hearing rehabilitation principles. Appropriate as a main text for the graduate counseling course for audiologists, the non-technical nature of this text makes it the right fit for a practically-focused approach to teaching the sometimes elusive principles of audiologic rehabilitation in the undergraduate rehabilitation class for speech-language pathology and audiology students.

Table of Contents

1.   Audiologic Counseling Defined

2.   Emotional Responses to Hearing Loss

3.   Approaches to Counseling

4.   Building Patient-Centric Relationships

5.   The Initial Audiologic Consultation

6.   Counseling Considerations for the Pediatric Patient

7.   Counseling Considerations for the Teen-Aged Patient

8.   Counseling Considerations for the Adult Patient

9.   The Hearing Aid Consultation Process

10.   Counseling Considerations for the Elderly Patient

11.   Patient Education

12.   Counseling toward Better Communication

13.   Group Counseling within Hearing Loss Intervention

14.   Multicultural Considerations in Clinical Practice


Afterword:  The Risk of Empathy Fatigue 


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