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Creative Boot Camp: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality in 30 days

By Stefan Mumaw

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Nov 27, 2012

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Creative Boot Camp is a 30-day creative training program that will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. The book begins by exploring what creativity is and isn't, how we can train ourselves to improve our own ideation, and what steps we need to take to generate more ideas and better ideas for our creative selves, our creative projects, our creative businesses, and our creative lives.

Like any muscle, creativity requires repetitive and challenging exercise to grow. The 30-day program provides an escalation of creative exercises that test our problem-solving prowess and train us to overcome the obstacles that inhibit ideation. The program tests regularly, both in idea quantity and quality, to ensure we are on track with our boot camp goals. But unlike the gym, these exercises aren't to be dreaded. They are light, fun, and take 10-15 minutes max. By the end of the 30-day boot camp, readers will see noticeable improvement in the quantity and quality of their ideas.

Table of Contents

1. Creativity is a Habit
2. Purpose and Restriction = Creative Fuel
3. Becoming an Epic Failure
4. Problem Solving: Baptism By Fire
5. Solving the Pieces
6. Play is the New Work
7. Overcoming the Obstacles
8. Measuring Creativity
9. Training Prep
Section 1: Starting from Scratch
Section 2: Numbkiller
Section 3: Flavors of Relevance
Section 4: The Creative Barbell
Section 5: Novelty's Penthouse
Final Exam
The Aftermath