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Crime and Justice in America--A Reader: Present Realities and Future Prospects, 2nd Edition

By Wilson R. Palacios, Paul F. Cromwell, Roger G Dunham

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Apr 2, 2001

Table of Contents



Facts about Crime and Criminals.

 1. The Criminal Justice Process, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

 2. American Criminal Justice Philosophy: What's Old—What's New?, Curtis R. Blakely and Vic W. Bumphus.

 3. Crime and Policy: A Complex Problem, Samuel Walker.

 4. Fallacies about Crime, Marcus Felson.

 5. Race, Crime, and the Administration of Justice: A Summary of the Available Facts, Christopher Stone.

 6. Peeking Over the Rim: What Lies Ahead?, Kenneth J. Peak.



Facts about Police.

 7. The Development of American Police: An Historical Overview, Craig D. Uchida.

 8. The New Policing: Confronting Complexity, Herman Goldstein.

 9. Contemporary Policing in a Community Era, Quint C. Thurman.

10. Police Shootings: Myths and Realities, Roger G. Dunham and Geoffery P. Alpert.

11. What We Know about Police Use of Force, Kenneth Adams.

12. Learning Police Ethics, Lawrence Sherman.

13. Police Officer Sexual Misconduct: A Field Research Study, Allen D. Sapp.

14. Public Attitudes Toward Police Pursuit Driving: What do Studies on Attitudes Toward Police Pursuit Reveal?, John M. McDonald and Geoffrey P. Alpert.

15. Race-Based Policing: Alternatives for Assessing the Problem, Brian Withrow and Henry Jackson.

16. The Future of Policing in a Community Era, Jihong Zhao.



Facts about Courts.

17. Adversarial Justice, Franklin Strier.

18. Taking on Testilying: The Prosecutor's Response to In-Court Police Deception, Larry Cunningham.

19. Capital Murder: A Prosecutor's Personal Observations on the Prosecution of Capital Cases, Ronald J. Sievert.

20. Why Prosecutor's Misbehave, Bennett L. Gershman.

21. The Criminal Lawyer's “Different Mission”: Reflections on the “Right” to Present a False Case, Harry I. Subin.

22. How to Improve the Jury System, Thomas J. Hogan, George E. Mize and Kathleen Clark.

23. Should Juries Nullify Laws They Consider Unjust or Excessively Punitive?, Clay S. Conrad and Nancy King.

24. Truth in Sentencing in State Prisons, Paula M. Ditton and Doris James Wilson.

25. The Impact of Sentencing Guidelines, Dale Parent, Terrence Dunworth, Douglas McDonald and William Rhodes.

26. Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Emergence of Problem-Solving Courts, Donald Rottman and Pamela Casey.

27. Restoring the Balance: Juvenile and Community Justice, Gordon Bazemore and Susan E. Day.



Facts about Jails, Prisons, and Community Corrections.

28. Life on the Inside: The Jailers, in a Wary World, Battling Tension, Fear—and Stereotypes, Andrew Metz.

29. The Imprisonment of Women in America, Pauline Brennan.

30. The Needs of Elderly Offenders, Dolores Craig-Moreland.

31. Behind Bars: Substance Abuse and America's Prison Population, National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

32. Rethinking Assumptions about Boot Camps, Dale Colledge and Jurg Gerber.

33. A Decade of Experimenting with Intermediate Sanctions: What Have We Learned?, Joan Petersilia.

34. The Evolving Role of Parole in the Criminal Justice System, Paul Cromwell.

35. This Man Has Expired: Witness to an Execution, Robert Johnson.

36. Maxxing Out: Imprisonment in an Era of Crime Control, Melissa E. Fenwick.

37. Ophelia the CCW: May 11, 2010, Todd R. Clear.


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