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Criminal Justice: Brief Edition

By Jay S. Albanese

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 27, 2000

Table of Contents

1.Crime and Violence.

Why Are Americans Fearful of Crime?

What Is Crime?

How Can Crime Be Explained?

What Are Some Correlates of Crime?

2.Defining and Measuring Crime.

What Are the Types of Crime?

How Are Violent Crimes and Property Crimes Classified?

How Are Crime Rates Determined?

Who Are the Perpetrators and Victims of Crime?

3.Dealing with Sophisticated Crime.

What Is Meant by Sophisticated Crimes?

What Are Some Types of White Collar Crime?

Why Is Computer Crime a Growing Threat?

What Is Organized Crime?

4.Criminal Law.

What Is Criminal Law?

How Did the American System of Law and Justice Develop?

How Does the Law Define Elements of a Crime?

What Defenses Against Criminal Charges Does the Law Recognize?

What Are Some Concerns about Criminal Law?

5. The Criminal Justice System and Criminal Procedure.

What Are the Agencies of Criminal Justice?

What Is Procedural Law?

What Is Involved in Criminal Court Procedure?

What Are Some Concerns about the Criminal Justice System?

6.Officers of the Law.

How Did Policing Evolve in the U.S.?

What Is the Organization of Law Enforcement?

Who Are the Police?

What Are Some Concerns about Policing in the U.S.?

7.Issues in Law Enforcement and Police Behavior.

Is There Such a Thing as a Police Mentality?

How Should Police Performance Be Evaluated?

What Are Some Forms of Police Corruption?

What Is Legitimate Use of Deadly Force?

8.Criminal Courts.

How Were Criminal Courts Similar and Different in the Past?

How Did the State and Federal Court Systems Develop?

Who Are the Participants in the Judicial Process?

How Are Specialized Courts Changing the Court System?

9.Criminal Defense and Prosecution.

What Are the Rights of the Accused?

What Are the Powers of the Prosecution?

What Are Some Problems of the Court System?

10.Trials and Sentencing.

What Happens at Trial?

How Do Judges Decide on a Sentence?

How Do Sentencing Options Differ and What Restrictions Apply?

What Is the Answer to the Death Penalty Debate?


How Did Correctional Institutions Develop in the United States?

How Do the Correctional Institutions Operate?

Who Is in Prison?

What Is Inmate Life Like?

What Are Prisoners' Rights and Responsibilities?

12. Corrections in the Community.

What Are the Alternatives to Incarceration?

What Are Some Issues in Returning to the Community after Prison?

How Effective Are Forms of Authentic and Restorative Justice?

Appendix: U.S. Constitution

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Criminal Justice: Brief Edition

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