Criminal Justice, Student Value Edition, 5th Edition

By Jay S. Albanese

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 23, 2012


Criminal Justice, Fifth Edition, examines the themes of crime and justice to reveal their significant history, current facts, and modern trends, tracing them from the past to the present and into the future. This successful introductory text continues to focus on critical thinking and the media's influence on criminal justice and the public's perception of criminal justice. Albanese gives new attention to up-to-the-minute laws and policies related to crime, law, search and seizure, and operations of the criminal justice system, as well as coverage of issues of technology, including crimes facilitated by the Internet, identity theft, and international issues.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1         Perspectives on Criminal Justice

CHAPTER 2         Defining and Analyzing Crime

CHAPTER 3         Criminal Law & the Criminal Justice Process

CHAPTER 4         Origins and Organization of Law Enforcement

CHAPTER 5         Criminal Procedure and the Police

CHAPTER 6         Issues in Law Enforcement and Police Behavior

CHAPTER 7         Origins and Organization of Courts

CHAPTER 8         Trial Defense and Prosecution

CHAPTER 9         Trials and Sentencing

CHAPTER 10       Origins and Organization of Jails and Prisons

CHAPTER 11       Probation, Community Corrections, and Re-entry

CHAPTER 12       Justice and Punishment in the 21st Century

CHAPTER 13       Crime and Justice in the 21st Century: White Collar Crime, Organized Crime, and Terrorism

CHAPTER 14       Juvenile Justice

CHAPTER 15       Comparative and International Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice, Student Value Edition, 5th Edition

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