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Criminal Procedure: From First Contact to Appeal, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By John L. Worrall

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Nov 1, 2011

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Approriate for courses in Criminal Procedure.


Criminal Procedure: From First Contact to Appeal presents an introduction to criminal procedure, from the point at which an individual first comes into contact with the police all the way through the appeals process. Approximately half of the book is devoted to traditional criminal procedure topics–notably, search-and-seizure as well as interrogation and identification procedures. The remainder of the book moves beyond these topics and discusses the pretrial process; the roles of defense attorneys, prosecutors, and grand juries; plea bargaining and guilty pleas; rights of criminal defendants at trial; and appeals and habeas corpus. 


Readers who are pursuing careers in criminal justice and  individuals who are already employed in criminal justice will find this book especially useful.  Moreover, because the book constitutes more than a general overview of criminal procedure, it should prove beneficial to aspiring law students. But, it should not be over the heads of students with little or no background in criminal justice.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Procedure

Chapter 2 Remedies


Part 2 Search and Seizure

Chapter 3 Introduction to Search and Seizure

Chapter 4 Searches and Arrests with Warrants

Chapter 5 Searches and Arrests without Warrants

Chapter 6 Actions Based on Reasonable Suspicion

Chapter 7 Actions Based on Administrative Justification and Consent


Part 3 Interrogations, Confessions, and Identification Procedures

Chapter 8 Interrogations and Confessions

Chapter 9 Identification Procedures and the Role of Witnesses


Part 4 The Beginnings of Formal Proceedings

Chapter 10 The Pretrial Process

Chapter 11 Prosecutors, Grand Juries, and Defense Attorneys

Chapter 12 Plea Bargaining and Guilty Pleas


Part 5 Trial, Conviction, and Beyond

Chapter 13 Rights at Trial

Chapter 14 More Rights at Trial

Chapter 15 Sentencing, Appeals, and Habeas Corpus



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