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Crisis Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Lisa R. Jackson-Cherry, Bradley T. Erford

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2013

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Written for courses in Crisis Intervention and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


A concise and informative resource for pre-service and practicing counselors, this textbook is filled with vital information on assessing and reacting to various crises of our time.


Crisis Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention focuses on practical applications, assessment, and treatment options for every crisis situation. Taking the needs of modern-day counselors into mind, this text not only addresses traditional conceptualizations of crisis (e.g., homicide, intimate partner violence, rape, sexual abuse) but also expands to cover recent developments in the concept of crisis in today’s world, such as terrorism, school shootings, and natural disasters, helping readers to serve a diverse array of clients in a changing world.  The Second Edition of this integral resource provides practical applications to various crisis circumstances experienced by counselors, and first-hand experiences and perspectives from practitioners working in crisis intervention situations.  Readers will become familiar with various crisis issues and potential situations and begin to hone skills that will serve them in the field.  In a unique, succinct, and straight-forward manner, Crisis Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention presents readers with the greatest set of information, the necessary background, the crucial authentic examples, and the practice needed to “see” the helping process as a whole.

Table of Contents



Part I Elements of Crisis Intervention

Chapter 1 Overview of Crisis Intervention 1

Stephanie Puleo and Jason McGlothlin

Chapter 2 Safety and Self-Care in Crisis Situations 27

Charlotte Daughhetee

Chapter 3 Ethical and Legal Considerations in Crisis Counseling 47

Paul F. Hard, Laura L. Talbott-Forbes, and Mary L. Bartlett

Chapter 4 Essential Crisis Intervention Skills 67

Joseph Cooper

Chapter 5 Risk Assessment and Intervention: Suicide and Homicide 85

Judith Harrington and Charlotte Daughhetee


Part II Special Issues in Crisis Intervention

Chapter 6 Understanding and Treating Substance Use Disorders with

Clients in Crisis 127

William R. Sterner

Chapter 7 Intimate Partner Violence 157

Amy L. McLeod, John Muldoon, and Danica G. Hays

Chapter 8 Sexual Assault 193

Robin Lee and Jennifer Jordan

Chapter 9 Sexual Abuse 219

Carrie Wachter Morris and Elizabeth Graves

Chapter 10 Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Community

and Workplace 245

Jason McGlothlin

Chapter 11 Emergency Preparedness and Response in Schools and Universities 267

Michele Garofalo and Bradley T. Erford

Chapter 12 Grief and Loss 293

Lourie W. Reichenberg

Chapter 13 Military Deployment and Reintegration Issues 327

Seth C. W. Hayden

Chapter 14 Death Notifications 343

Lisa R. Jackson-Cherry

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