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Critical Handbook of Children's Literature, A, 9th Edition

By Rebecca J. Lukens, Jacquelin J. Smith, Cynthia Miller Coffel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 7, 2012


A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature, Ninth Edition,gives future teachers, practicing teachers, librarians, and parents many examples of quality children’s literature to guide them in choosing the best books for the classroom, library, or home. The Handbook analyzes children’s books that showcase positive examples of the literary elements, formats, and genres that are the focus in the field of children’s literature. The books are noteworthy children’s books, from classics to favorites to just-published titles, all selected as thought-provoking, important, or motivating choices. The authors suggest that readers examine the Handbook and then apply the literary concepts to additional reading from today’s ever-expanding selection of children’s books.


Critical Handbook of Children's Literature, A, 9th Edition

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