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The Cultural Dimension of Global Business, 7th Edition

By Gary Ferraro, Elizabeth K. Briody

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Jul 30, 2012


Demonstrates how the theory and insights of cultural anthropology can positively influence the conduct of global business.

The Cultural Dimension of Global Business provides a foundation for understanding the impact of culture on global business and global business on culture.

Learning Goals
Upon completing this book readers will be able to:

  • Understand the interaction between global business and culture
  • Discuss comparative values and cultural differences
  • Recognize the importance of understanding nonverbal communication patterns prevalent in the international business arena
  • Be familiar with three functional processes critical to success in conducting global business: negotiating, partnering, and managing
  • Identify strategies for coping with culture shock

Table of Contents

This text takes a unique four-step approach to studying the cultural environment of global business. It shows the reader how to:

Explore the relationship between the discipline of cultural anthropology, its central concept of culture, and the conduct of global business (ex. p. 24)
Become culturally self-aware in global business (ex. p. 30)
Build and maintain relationships through verbal and nonverbal communication (ex. p. 82, 126)
Understand global business processes using a cross-cultural perspective (ex. p. 149, 176)
Use cross-cultural scenarios to explore cultural similarities and differences (ex. p. 98, 134, 162)
Assessment ¿ Chapter quizzes and flashcards offer immediate feedback and report directly to the gradebook.
Writing and Research ¿ A wide range of writing, grammar and research tools and access to a variety of academic journals, census data, Associated Press newsfeeds, and discipline-specific readings help you hone your writing and research skills.
Career Footprint ¿ This feature explores industry-related career profiles and helps students learn about various career options.


The Cultural Dimension of Global Business, 7th Edition

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