Curriculum for the Primary Years: An Integrative Approach

By Philip M. Wishon, Karen Crabtree, Malinda E. Jones

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 25, 1997

Table of Contents

 1. Philosophy of the Primary Curriculum.

 2. Developing, Delivering, and Assessing Curriculum: Issues to Be Explored.

 3. Planning for Children's Learning: Instructional Interactions, Management, and the Classroom Environment.

 4. A Cohesive, Integrated Curriculum.

 5. Assessment and Evaluation.

 6. Partnerships with Parents: Informative, Collaborative, and Empowering.

 7. The Development of Literacy in the Primary Years: The Interdependence of Reading, Writing, Thinking, Listening, and Speaking.

 8. Supporting Literacy Development Across the Curriculum.

 9. Mathematics in the Primary Years.

10. Science in the Primary Years.

11. Social Studies in the Primary Years.

12. Self-Expression in the Primary Years.


Curriculum for the Primary Years: An Integrative Approach

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