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The Customer Experience Book: How to design, measure and improve customer experience in your business

By Alan Pennington

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Sep 10, 2016


Customer Experience (CE) is becoming seen as a key component of business strategy, yet knowing the practical steps of what to do can be tricky. The Customer Experience Book helps you understand where you are now, what to do, and how to improve for your business.


From Customer Journey Mapping to using Big Data, this is the ultimate Customer Experience manual for businesses, whatever the size of your company. Split into two parts, you’ll discover:


• Why customer experience is so important in business – and how it applies to you

• How to use customer experience tools in your business – step by step guides on how to use CX metrics and how to learn from them


Alongside the theory and practical how-to guidance, there will be a range of examples of ‘thinking differently’ about everyday situations to engage the reader. Plus, with case studies from International Companies, readers will discover not only what works well but also the hard lessons they have learned.


The Customer Experience Book
shows you how to understand, measure and improve customer experience in your business, whatever your level.

Table of Contents





Part 1 – Customer Experience in Business


1.   Does your customer experience happen by design or by accident?

2.   Connecting with your [inner] customer to create a customer intelligent company

3.   Emotions or how you feel and the customer experience



Part 2 - Customer Experience in Action


4.   Where are you?  What do you want to deliver?

5.   How to plan and deliver an improved experience

6.   How to use Customer Journey Mapping

7.   How to design new and improved experiences (WOW versus consistency)

8.   How to use measures to drive and deliver your experience

9.   How small data can make the difference

10.    How to build trust through experience

11.    How to equip and support teams for success



The Customer Experience Book: How to design, measure and improve customer experience in your business

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