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Demand and Supply Integration: The Key to World-Class Demand Forecasting, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Mark A. Moon

Published by Pearson FT Press

Published Date: Jan 17, 2013

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Salespeople work with customers every day: they have invaluable information about what these customers plan to buy. Marketers focus every day on competitive activity, new products, promotional events, and pricing changes -- all of which profoundly shape customer demand. By engaging sales, marketing, and other business functions, supply chain professionals can create demand forecasts that are far more accurate -- and far more valuable in driving their plans and strategies. Now, pioneering expert Dr. Mark Moon presents the specific design characteristics of a world-class demand forecasting management process, showing how to effectively integrate demand forecasting within a comprehensive Demand and Supply Integration (DSI) process. Writing for supply chain professionals at all levels in any business, government, or military organization, Moon covers all this, and more:  

  • What DSI is and how it differs from SandOP
  • Symptoms of failures to integrate demand and supply
  • Characteristics of successful DSI implementations
  • Demand Forecasting as a management process
  • Understanding and applying the right qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques
  • Reflecting market intelligence in forecasts
  • Measuring forecasting performance
  • Achieving state-of-the-art demand forecasting
  • Managing Demand Reviews

Table of Contents

Preface     xxi
Chapter 1    Demand/Supply Integration     1
Chapter 2    Demand Forecasting as a Management Process     31
Chapter 3    Quantitative Forecasting Techniques     59
Chapter 4    Qualitative Forecasting Techniques     93
Chapter 5    Incorporating Market Intelligence into the Forecast     119
Chapter 6    Performance Measurement     139
Chapter 7    World-Class Demand Forecasting     171
Chapter 8    Bringing It Back to Demand/Supply Integration: Managing the Demand Review     219
Index     237

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