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Dental Public Health and Research: Contemporary Practice for the Dental Hygienist, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Christine Nielsen Nathe

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 19, 2010

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This text explores the ever-changing world of dental public health — a dynamic career pathway for dental hygienists — featuring a new emphasis on research in the third edition. Organized logically and re-written for optimal clarity and understanding, the book guides students and practitioners towards mastery of the topic and serves as an ideal tool for board exam preparation.

Table of Contents

UNIT I:  Introduction to Dental Public Health        

Chapter 1:        Dental Public Health

Chapter 2:        The Prevention Movement

Chapter 3:        Dental Care Delivery in the United States         

Chapter 4:        Dental Hygiene Care Delivery in the Global Community (Claudia Luciak-Donsberger, RDH, PhD)        

Chapter 5:        Financing of Dental Care

Chapter 6:        Federal and State Legislation Affecting Dental Hygiene Practice

Chapter 7:        Advocacy for Dental Care


UNIT II:  Dental Hygiene Public Health Programs

Chapter 8:        Dental Health Education and Promotion

Chapter 9:        Lesson Plan Development

Chapter 10:      Target Populations       

Chapter 11:      Cultural Competency (Irene Connolly, RDH, MS)

Chapter 12:      Program Planning

Chapter 13:      Program Evaluation (With Contributions from Elaine Sanchez-Dils, RDH, MA)


UNIT III:  Dental Hygiene Research

Chapter 14:      Research in Dental Hygiene       (Beth McKinney, RDH, MS)

Chapter 15:      Research Approaches and Designs (With Contributions from Beth E. McKinney, RDH, MS and Christine French Beatty, RDH, PhD )

Chapter 16:      Oral Epidemiology (Christine French Beatty, RDH, PhD)

Chapter 17:      Current Oral Epidemiological Findings

Chapter 18:      Biostatistics (Christine French Beatty, RDH, PhD)

Chapter 19:      Evaluation of Scientific Literature and Dental Products  


UNIT IV:  Practical Strategies for Dental Public Health   

Chapter 20:      Careers in Dental Public Health

Chapter 21:      Strategies for Creating Dental Hygiene Positions in Dental Public Health Settings

Chapter 22:      Dental Public Health Board Review (Meg Zayan, RDH, MPH, EdD)



Appendix A:  Table Clinic Presentation

Appendix B:   Poster Session Preparation

Appendix C:   Dental Terms and Phrases Translated to Spanish and Vietnamese with Spanish Pronunciation Guide

Appendix D:  Standards for Dental Hygienists in Dental Public Health  Education        

Appendix E: Guide to Scientific Writing

Appendix F: Answers to Self-Study Test Items



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