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Designing the Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation

By Russ Unger, Brad Nunnally

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Feb 22, 2013


Facilitation skills are the foundation of every successful design practice, yet training on this core competency has been largely unavailable—until now. Designing the Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation is a complete guide to developing the facilitation skills you need to communicate effectively and design fully engaging experiences. Learn to take control as Russ Unger, Brad Nunnally, and Dan Willis show you how to use your skills as a facilitator to deftly extract information from different types of people in various scenarios and address any problems and needs that arise along the way.

With this book, you will learn how to:

  • Bring together different cross-functional project teams, stakeholders, and clients while balancing their needs, goals, and requirements with those of users
  • Prepare for activities through agenda setting, planning for different types of personalities, and identifying the method of practicing that works best for you
  • Perform group facilitation in workshops, brainstorming sessions, and focus groups
  • Manage individual facilitation activities through interviews, usability testing, sales calls, and mentoring
  • Conduct one-to-many facilitation activities such as presentations, virtual seminars, and lectures
  • Understand how to manage Q & A from audiences of all sizes

Table of Contents

Section 1 Facilitation Preparation
Chapter 1 Preparation
Chapter 2 Define the Whys
Chapter 3 Set the Agenda
Chapter 4 Preparing for Personalities
Chapter 5 Managing the Environment
Chapter 6 Practicing
Section 2 Group Facilitation
Chapter 7 Workshops
Chapter 8 Brainstorming
Chapter 9 Focus Groups
Chapter 10 Participatory Design
Section 3 One-on-One Facilitation
Chapter 11 Interviews
Chapter 12 Usability Testing
Chapter 13 Sales Calls
Chapter 14 Mentoring
Section 4 One-on-many Facilitation
Chapter 15 Conference Presentations
Chapter 16 Virtual Seminars
Chapter 17 Lectures
Section 5 Post-Facilitation
Chapter 18 Managing Q&A
Chapter 19 Measuring Success
Chapter 20 Horror Stories