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Developing Multicultural Counseling Competency: A Systems Approach , CourseSmart eTextbook

By Danica G. Hays, Bradley T. Erford

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 1, 2009

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This text is an innovative, evidence-based approach to facilitating students’ journey to becoming multiculturally competent counselors. Comprehensive, thoughtful, and in-depth, Developing Multicultural Competence goes beyond general discussions of race and ethnicity to include discourse on a broader, more complex view of multiculturalism in clients’ and trainees’ lives.


Both scholarly and highly interactive, this new text strives to present trainees with empirically-based information about multicultural counseling and social advocacy paired with engaging self-reflective activities, discussion questions, case inserts, and study aids, creating opportunities for experiential learning related to cultural diversity considerations and social advocacy issues within clients’ social systems. Addressing CACREP (2001/2009) Standards related to the Social and Cultural Diversity core area, the book is broken into four parts: Part One covers key concepts and terms regarding multicultural constructs and cross-cultural communication; Part Two defines social advocacy and identifies the major forms of oppression; Part Three discusses the major cultural and diversity groups; and Part Four develops trainee skills for working with diverse clients, including infusing multiculturalism in how they conceptualize, evaluate, and treat these clients.

Table of Contents

Abbreviated Table of Contents



Section I: The Foundations of Multicultural Counseling


Chapter 1: The Culturally Competent Counselor

            Danica G. Hays and Amy L. McLeod


Chapter 2: Cultural Identity Development

            Cheryl Moore-Thomas



Section II: Social Advocacy


Chapter 3: Social Justice Counseling

            Catherine Y. Chang and Philip Gnilka


Chapter 4: Racism and White Privilege

            Danica G. Hays and Marc Grimmett


Chapter 5: Gender and Sexism

            Michael P. Chaney and John Marszalek


Chapter 6: Sexual Orientation and Heterosexism

            Edward Cannon and Anneliese A. Singh


Chapter 7: Social Class and Classism

            Kathryn S. Newton


Chapter 8: Disability, Ableism, and Ageism

            Debra E. Berens



Section III: Counseling Multicultural Populations


Chapter 9: Individuals and Families of African Descent

            Katherine M. Helm and Lawrence James


Chapter 10: Individuals and Families of Arab Descent

Sylvia C. Nassar-McMillan, Laura M. Gonzalez, and Rasha H. Mohamed

Chapter 11: Individuals and Families of Asian Descent

            Arpana Inman and Alvin Alvarez


Chapter 12: Individuals and Families of Latin Descent

            José Villalba


Chapter 13: Native Americans

            Michael Tlanusta Garrett


Chapter 14: Individuals and Families of European Descent

            H. George McMahon, Pamela Paisley, and Bogusa Molina


Chapter 15: Spiritual Diversity

            Craig S. Cashwell



Section IV: Multicultural Conceptualization


Chapter 16: Alternative Approaches to Counseling Theories

            Jonathan Orr


Chapter 17: Multicultural Diagnosis and Conceptualization

            Karen Eriksen, Victoria E. Kress, Andrea Dixon, and Stephanie J. W. Ford



Chapter 18: Themes in Multicultural Counseling Theory, Practice and Research

Danica G. Hays and Tammi F. Milliken



Appendix A: Multicultural Counseling Competencies and Standards

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