Digital Image Processing

By Kenneth R. Castleman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 23, 1995

Table of Contents


 1. Images and Digital Processing.

 2. Digitizing Images.

 3. Digital Image Display.

 4. Image-Processing Software.

 5. The Gray-Level Histogram.

 6. Point Operations.

 7. Algebraic Operations.

 8. Geometric Operations.


 9. Linear Systems Theory.

10. The Fourier Transform.

11. Filter Design.

12. Processing Sampled Data.

13. Discrete Image Transforms.

14. Wavelet Transforms.

15. Optics and System Analysis.


16. Image Restoration.

17. Image Compression.

18. Pattern Recognition: Image Segmentation.

19. Pattern Recognition: Object Measurement.

20. Pattern Recognition: Classification and Estimation.

21. Color and Multispectral Image Processing.

22. Three-Dimensional Image Processing.


A1. Glossary of Image Processing Terms.

A2. Bibliography.

A3. Mathematical Background.



Digital Image Processing

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