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Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design

By Victor P. Nelson, H. Troy Nagle, Bill D. Carroll, David Irwin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 8, 1995

Table of Contents

 0. Introduction.

 1. Number Systems and Codes.

 2. Algebraic Methods for Analysis and Synthesis of Logic Circuits.

 3. Simplification of Switching Functions.

 4. Modular Combinational Logic.

 5. Combinational Circuit Design with Programmable Logic Devices.

 6. Introduction to Sequential Devices.

 7. Modular Sequential Logic.

 8. Analysis and Synthesis of Synchronous Sequential Circuits.

 9. Simplification of Sequential Circuits.

10. Asychronous Sequential Circuits.

11. Sequential Circuits with Programmable Logic Devices.

12. Logic Circuit Testing and Testable Design.

13. Design Examples.


Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design

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