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Digital Photography: From Camera to Printer, Print to Computer, Videotape to DVD, and More!

By David D. Busch

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 23, 2004

Table of Contents

1. Your Digital Imagery Computer.

What Do You Need? Other Features. Other Computer Considerations.

2. Preparing to Capture Your Videos.

How We Got Here. What You Can Do. The Equipment You Need. Selecting A Video Source.

3. Transferring Video to Your Computer.

Why Transfer Your Tape Library? Selecting Movies and Footage for Transfer. What About Commecial Movies and DVDs? Preparing to Transfer. Capturing Video. Working With Wizards.

4. Editing Your Videos.

Wherefore Art Thou Editing? Basic Editing Terminology. Making Movies. Exporting Video.

5. Choosing a Digital Camera.

What Do You Hope To Do? Pick a Category. Selecting Features.

6. Going Beyond Point-and-Shoot.

Making (Vs Taking) a Photograph. Four Basic Ways to Change An Image. Guidelines for Good Composition. Creating a Composition. Photographic Cornucopia. Close Ups. People. Pet and Child Photography. Sports. Landscape and Travel Photography.

7. Editing Digital Photos.

Easy, Automated Image Transformations. More Advanced Image Manipulations. Graduating to a Fully Featured Image Editor. What Can You Do With Image Editors?

8. Sharing Your Digital Photos.

Sharing Off-Line. Sharing Online. Creating Your Own Web Pages. Viewing Photos On Your TV.

9. Grabbing Images with a Scanner.

What Can You Do With A Scanner? Types of Scanners. How Scanners Work. What to Look For in a Scanner. Choosing A Scanner Category. Hardware Requirements. Setting Up Your Scanner. Getting Great Scans.

10. Printing Your Digital Images.

Why Prints? Sizing Up Your Options. Choosing Printer Features. Printing Your Digital Pictures. Getting the Best Prints.


Digital Photography: From Camera to Printer, Print to Computer, Videotape to DVD, and More!

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