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Disce! An Introductory Latin Course, Volume 2, Coursesmart eTextbook

By Kenneth Kitchell, Thomas Sienkewicz

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 3, 2011

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Designed to bring students to the point where they can read Latin fluently,

DISCE!  combines the best of both the reading first method and grammar first approaches.


An original, unified story provides controlled introduction to vocabulary and grammar in context while also utilizing orderly and clear grammar explanations in every chapter. It is carefully constructed to combine the grammar first approach and the reading-based approach. The guiding principle throughout is what is best at any given moment for the student and for the particular concepts being learned.  Additionally, Disce! weaves culture throughout the text and stresses the role of Classical culture in the modern world by the many links drawn between Latin and modern languages and between Roman practices and modern culture.  


DISCE! is intended for use in introductory Latin programs and is suitable for both high school and college students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Vol. 2 (Chapters 21-40) PREFACE Chapter 21 Speculum Aeneum Grammatica A Personal and Reflexive Pronouns Review of Possessive Adjectives Irregular Adjectives and Pronouns: UNUS NAUTA words The Irregular Noun Vis Grammatica B Synopsis of All Active Tenses Mores Romani Hospitium Latina Hodierna Hospitium and Hospitality Orbis Terrarum Romanus Graecia Angulus Grammaticus The Former and the Latter LECTIONES Lectio Prima Noster Hercules Novus Lectio Secunda Vis Herculis Chapter 22 Harena Purgatur Grammatica A The Passive Voice Ablative of Agent and Ablative of Means Grammatica B The Imperfect Passive Mores Romani De Gladiatoribus Latina Hodierna Semper Fidelis Orbis Terrarum Romanus Italia Angulus Grammaticus Defective Verbs LECTIONES Lectio Prima Pugna! Lectio Secunda Finis Pugnarum Chapter 23 Consilia Grammatica A The Future Passive Grammatica B The Irregular Verb Fero Counting Like a Roman Mores Romani Epistulae Romanae Latina Hodierna Numeri Romani Orbis Terrarum Romanus Britannia Angulus Grammaticus The Roman Calendar LECTIONES Lectio Prima In Insula Valeriae Lectio Secunda Epistula e Castris Chapter 24 In Theatro Grammatica A Deponent Verbs Grammatica B Puffy Verbs The 4th and 5th Declensions Mores Romani Theatra Romana Latina Hodierna Res and Dies in Modern Usage Orbis Terrarum Romanus Geographia Italiana Angulus Grammaticus Oh No, Not Semi-Deponents, Too ! LECTIONES Lectio Prima In Theatro Lectio Secunda Alcmena et Licinia Pariunt Chapter 25 Paratus Magni Grammatica A The Imperfect Tense of Deponent Verbs Grammatica B The Infinitives, Imperatives, and Present Participles of Deponent Verbs Mores Romani Birthing in the Roman World Latina Hodierna Latin in the Maternity Ward Orbis Terrarum Romanus Alexandria Angulus Grammaticus Bending Language: Linguistic Limitations and Linguistic Flexibility LECTIONES Lectio Prima Medea Obstetrix Lectio Secunda Servilii Consilia Chapter 26 Epulae Regum Grammatica A Perfect Passive Participles The 4th Principal Part Grammatica B Ablative Absolutes The Irregular Verb Fio Mores Romani Cibus Romanus Latina Hodierna Cornucopia Orbis Terrarum Romanus Asia Angulus Grammaticus Persons and Possession : Whose Money Bag Is It ? LECTIONES Lectio Prima Convivium Lectio Secunda Hospites Chapter 27 Duo Dona Grammatica A The Perfect Passive System Grammatica B The Perfect System of Deponent Verbs The Verb Videor Mores Romani Lux et Pater Patriae Latina Hodierna Pater Patriae Americanus Orbis Terrarum Romanus Viae Romanae Angulus Grammaticus Personal Pronouns in the Genitive Case LECTIONES Lectio Prima Donum Praecipuum Lectio Secunda Infans Novus Chapter 28 Labores Herculis Grammatica A Review of All Passive Tenses Reflexive Verb Expressions Grammatica B Review of Deponent Verbs: All Tenses Mores Romani Dei Opifices: Vulcanus et Minerva Latina Hodierna Scitisne? Orbis Terrarum Romanus Aetna et Sicilia Angulus Grammaticus More on Voice LECTIONES Lectio Prima Opera Sordida Lectio Secunda Aves Ubique Chapter 29 Avus Carus Grammatica A Principle Review and Consolidation Infinitive Review and Consolidation Grammatica B Indirect Statement Relative not Real Time Mores Romani Pater familias Latina Hodierna Venatio Verborum Orbis Terrarum Romanus Urbs Roma et Vigiles Angulus Grammaticus Archaisms LECTIONES Lectio Prima Pater et Filius Lectio Secunda Avus et Nepotes Chapter 30 Res Agendae Grammatica A The Gerund The Double Dative Grammatica B Gerundives Future Passive Periphrastic and Dative of Agent Mores Romani Thermae Romanae Latina Hodierna Memorandum Orbis Terrarum Romanus Carthago Angulus Grammaticus Periphrasis LECTIONES Lectio Prima In Thermis Lectio Secunda Parum Spatii Chapter 31 Fiat Grammatica A Mood Consolidation Translating the Subjunctive The Present Subjunctive The Present Subjective of Irregular Verbs The Independent Subjunctive Grammatica B Purpose Clauses Mores Romani Salutatio Latina Hodierna Latin in the Periodic Table of Elements Orbis Terrarum Romanus Pompeii et Vesuvius Angulus Grammaticus More on the Independent Uses of the Subjunctive LECTIONES Lectio Prima Mane Lectio Secunda Caecilia et Valeria Chapter 32 Memento Mori Grammatica A Subordinate Clasues: Purpose and Result Grammatica B Forming the Imperfect Subjunctive Why the Imperfect Subjunctive? Sequence of Tenses Subjunctive Noun Clauses Mores Romani Provinciae Romanae Latina Hodierna Latin Mottoes in the Modern World Orbis Terrarum Romanus Bithynia-et-Pontus Angulus Grammaticus Confusing Pairs: Latin Homonyms and Heteronymns LECTIONES Lectio Prima Incendium! Lectio Secunda Effugium! Chapter 33 Post Mortem Grammatica A Giving Commands in Latin Grammatica B Indicative Temporal Clauses Mores Romani Vestimenta Romana: Vestis Virum Facit Latina Hodierna Vested in English Orbis Terrarum Romanus Via Appia Angulus Grammaticus Command Performances LECTIONES Lectio Prima Consilia Nova Lectio Secunda Funera Chapter 34 Patronus et Cliens Grammatica A Indirect Questions The Perfect Subjunctive Sequence of Tenses Grammatica B The Pluperfect Subjunctive and Consolidation of Subjunctive Forms Building the Sequence of Tenses Consolidation of Interrogative Words The Conjunction Dum Mores Romani Commercium Romanum Orbis Terrarum Romanus Germania Latina Hodierna Latin Interrogatives in English Angulus Grammaticus Macron or No Macron? LECTIONES Lectio Prima Salutatio Lectio Secunda Patronus Chapter 35 Ludi Incipiant! Grammatica A Indirect Questions: Time After The Perfect in Primary Sequence Grammatica B The Supine Mores Romani Colors and Dyes in the Roman Empire Latina Hodierna Colores Latini Orbis Terrarum Romanus Circus Maximus Angulus Grammaticus Is There Really Any More to Say About Questions? LECTIONES Lectio Prima Ludi Circenses Lectio Secunda Naufragium Chapter 36 Ad Graeciam Grammatica A Ne + Perfect Subjunctive Cum Clauses Ablative of Separation and Ablative of Place from Which Location and Direction in Latin Grammatica B More Cum Clauses Interjections! Mores Romani Vota Romana Orbis Terrarum Romanus Athenae Latina Hodierna Academia Athenaea Angulus Grammaticus Translating and Using Cum LECTIONES Lectio Prima Ne Abieris ! Lectio Secunda Si Vales, Valeo Chapter 37 Petitio Praetoris Grammatica A Express

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