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Doing Qualitative Research: Designs, Methods, and Techniques, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Greg M Scott, Roberta M Garner

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012

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Examine qualitative research as evidence-based stories of social life.


Doing Qualitative Research shows how qualitative research is evidence-based stories of our social life.


By the time readers complete this book, they will be able to conduct their own research and understand the pleasures and perils of qualitative research. This text is ideal for classes in disciplines such as cultural studies, anthropology, political science, ethnic studies, women and gender studies, the media, journalism and communications, organizational behavior, and more.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Assess others' research and develop their own research
  • Understand the scientific method, broadly defined and adapted to understanding human beings
  • Analyze with a critical and reflexive style of research – readers should understand how their own lives affect how others are seen
  • Link theory and research
  • Understand the macro-micro linkages created by qualitative research

Table of Contents






Part I: Getting Started: Thinking about Research Choices

Part II: Choosing a Research Design

Part III: Focus on Ethnography 

Part IV: Choices from the Methods Tool Kit

Part V: Telling the Story




Part I: Getting Started: Thinking about Research Choices

Chapter 1:   Introduction: Logic of Inquiry, Research Designs and Strategies, and the Methods Tool Kit

Chapter 2:   A Brief History of Qualitative Research

Chapter 3:   Asking Research Questions

Chapter 4:   The Ethics of Qualitative Research

Chapter 5:   The Politics of Qualitative Research

Chapter 6:   Integrating Theory into Qualitative Research: Foundational, Grounded, and Critical-Reflexive Theories


Part II: Choosing a Research Design

Chapter 7:    Ethnography: An Overview

Chapter 8:    Historical-Comparative Research

Chapter 9:    Social Autopsies: Adverse Events and What They Tell Us about Society

Chapter 10: Community-Based Participatory Research and Action Research

Chapter 11: The Analysis of Cultural Objects and Discourses as a Research Design

Chapter 12: Multi-Method Designs


Part III: Focus on Ethnography

Chapter 13: Ethnography:  Entering the Field

Chapter 14: Ethnography: Types of Data

Chapter 15: Ethnography: Writing Field Notes

Chapter 16: Directed Strategies for Data-Making


Part IV: Choices from the Methods Tool-kit

Chapter 17: Observation, Participant-Observation and Carnal Sociology

Chapter 18: Interviewing

Chapter 19: Focus Groups

Chapter 20: Life Narratives

Chapter 21: Visual Methods

Chapter 22: Software for Qualitative Analysis


Part V: Telling the Story

Chapter 23:  Preparing a Research Report

Chapter 24: Wrapping It Up: Ethical, Political, Legal and Emotional Challenges

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