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Dosage Calculations: A Multi-Method Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Anthony Giangrasso, Dolores Shrimpton

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 24, 2012

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For fundamentals of nursing, veterinary, or pharmacy courses covering dosage calculation.


This text introduces all three of today’s leading methods of dosage calculation: Dimensional Analysis, Ratio & Proportion, and Formula. It walks step-by-step through solving dosage problems utilizing all three methods, often comparing multiple approaches to solving the same problem side-by-side. Instructors can choose their preferred method, and students can become expert with all three, ultimately choosing the approach they find most efficient. Unit I offers a diagnostic arithmetic test, reviews basic math skills, presents essentials of medication administration, and offers an easy, common sense introduction to dimensional analysis. Next, the text introduces essential metric and household medication systems and conversions. Then, building on these foundations, the text offers in-depth coverage of calculating oral, parenteral, intravenous, and enteral dosages, including flow rates, titrating IV medications, pediatric dosages, and daily fluid maintenance.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Basic Calculation Skills and Introduction to Medication Administration

1. Review of Arithmetic for Dosage Calculations

2. Safe and Accurate Drug Administration

3. Dimensional Analysis and Ratio & Proportion


Unit 2. Systems of Measurement

4. The Household and Metric Systems

5. Converting from One System of Measurement to Another


Unit 3. Oral and Parenteral Medications

6. Oral Medications

7. Syringes

8. Solutions

9. Parenteral Medications


Unit 4. Infusions and Pediatric Dosages

10. Flow Rates and Durations of Enteral and Intravenous Infusions

11. Flow Rates and Dosage Rates for Intravenous Medications

12. Pediatric Dosages


Comprehensive Self-Tests

Appendix A    Answer Section

Appendix B    ISMP Tall Man Lettering List

Appendix C    Commonly Used Abbreviations

Appendix D    Units of Measurement in the Household and Metric Systems

Appendix E     Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature Conversion

Appendix F     Diluting Stock Solutions

Appendix G    Apothecary System



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