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Dynamic Social Studies for Constructivist Classrooms: Inspiring Tomorrow's Social Scientists, 9th Edition

By George W. Maxim

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 9, 2009


“How do I get across the important social studies content without being run-of-the-mill or ordinary?  How can I make social studies fun and still maintain control of the classroom?”


Dynamic Social Studies for Constructivist Classrooms, Ninth Edition shows teachers how to make social studies fun.  Yet it is also the most practical of social studies texts.  It is highly readable and offers a manageable length.  The author begins with the sound philosophical approach of constuctivism and then provides many practical examples of classroom instruction and creative tools to assist teachers in bringing this framework to life in the classroom.  Readers will feel they are being escorted through model social studies classrooms and will come away with a clear vision of the most effective, creative, and dynamic way to teach social studies.  Meanwhile, students will be learning important social studies content that will encourage them to become informed, caring citizens who will make a difference in our world. 


New To This Edition:


NEW!  Includes a new chapter (Chapter 3) on Integrated Instruction–helps teachers to fulfill the goals and standards for social studies instruction by incorporating content and skills from other subject areas.


NEW! Offers “Backward Design” for Unit Planning- Chapter 10 adapts the popular “Backward Design” suggestions of Wiggins and McTighe to planning and carrying out social studies units.


NEW!  Online Resources--TeacherPrep and MyLabSchool assets offer important online resources that help students virtually observe relevant classroom activities.


NEW!  Proposes the establishment of Democratic Learning Communities- Helps students experience democracy in their classrooms as a basis for developing the dispositions for democratic living as adults.


NEW!  Takes a Developmental Inquiry Approach- Helps readers understand how to introduce and refine inquiry skills through developmentally suitable instructional strategies.


NEW!  Includes more examples-Gives even more representative samples of exciting classroom activities to help highlight and illustrate important professional concepts and skills.

Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations of Instruction
1. Dynamic Social Studies: The Subject You Will Teach
2. Diversity in the Classroom: The Children You Will Teach
3. Integrated Learning: Connecting Learning to the Real World

Part II: Classrooms for Young Social Scientists
4. Young Historians: Learning to Unlock the Past
5. Young Geographers: Exploring the People/Place Connection
6. Young Political Scientists: Citizens in Action

Part III: Contructivist Approaches to Classroom Instruction
7. The Learning Cycle: Teacher Scaffolded Social Constructivism
8. Collaborative and Cooperative Learning: Student-Assisted Social Constructivism
9. Inquiry and Problem-Solving: Cognitive Constructivism in Action

Part IV: Key Organizational Decisions
10. Managing Instruction: Planning Lessons and Units