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Economics of Health and Heallthcare, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Sherman Folland, Allen C. Goodman, Miron Stano

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 13, 2012

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For courses in Health Economics, U.S. Health Policy/Systems, or Public Health, taken by health services students or practitioners.


The text that makes economics concepts the backbone of the health care coverage.


Folland is the bestselling Health Care Economics text that teaches through core economic themes, rather than concepts unique to the health care economy.

Table of Contents

PART I: Basic Economics Tools   
Chapter 1: Introduction   
Chapter 2: Microeconomic Tools for Health Economics   
Chapter 3: Statistical Tools for Health Economics   
Chapter 4: Economic Efficiency and Cost-Benefit Analysis   
PART II: Supply and Demand  
Chapter 5: Production of Health   
Chapter 6: The Production, Cost, and Technology of Health Care   
Chapter 7: Demand for Health Capital   
Chapter 8: Demand and Supply of Health Insurance   
Chapter 9: Consumer Choice and Demand   
PART III: Information and Insurance Markets   
Chapter 10: Asymmetric Information and Agency   
Chapter 11: The Organization of Health Insurance Markets   
Chapter 12: Managed Care   
Chapter 13: Nonprofit Firms   
PART IV: Key Players in the Health Care Sector   
Chapter 14: Hospitals and Long-Term Care   
Chapter 15: The Physician’s Practice   
Chapter 16: Health Care Labor Markets and Professional Training   
Chapter 17: The Pharmaceutical Industry   
PART V: Social Insurance   
Chapter 18: Equity, Efficiency, and Need   
Chapter 19: Government Intervention in Health Care Markets   
Chapter 20: Government Regulation: Principal Regulatory Mechanisms   
Chapter 21: Social Insurance   
Chapter 22: Comparative Health Care Systems   
Chapter 23: Health System Reform   
PART VI: Special Topics   
Chapter 24: The Health Economics of Bads   
Chapter 25: Epidemiology and Economics: HIV/AIDS in Africa   

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Economics of Health and Heallthcare, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition
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